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6 Potential Stocks To Benefit From A Trump Policy

For deep value investors, the U.S. stock market offers slim pickings. A quick glance at the Russell 1000 Value Index will tell you that large capitalization, U.S., companies are not cheap at a price-to-earnings ratio of 19 times.

The S&P 500 is up almost 2.8% since the beginning of February and up over 8% since Donald Trump was elected President. Consequently, it is important to focus on stocks with two characteristics: an attractive relative valuation and sensitivity to policy changes. 

The Trump administration has promised to cut corporate regulations and tax rates, and engage in massive fiscal stimulus. Assuming those policy changes can be implemented they are naturally bullish for the stock market. The key is to find companies that are likely to be benefit asymmetrically for those policy changes and which do not already carry unreasonable valuations.

Attached you will find a couple of stocks that might be interesting in this enviroment. I run a screen with a main focus on valuation and growth.

These were my results...maybe you agree. There are some names on the list that are not popular but might be interesting in terms of free cash flow.

Here are the results...

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  1. Anonymous3/07/2017

    This is very disappointing. Recent articles in Barron's discuss the first 2 companies above and how they have been a significant cause of increased medical costs. At least one insurance company(Anthem) seems to be re evaluating its relationship with ESRX. We also see periodic articles about Signet and its problems such as a poor loan book and accusations of gem swapping. Are you being paid by these companies to promote them?


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