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My Favorite Dividend Champions As Of March 2017

In the beginning of the first Quarter of the year, many investors review their portfolios and adjust the basic risks. We all hope for a good year on the market and, most importantly, steady dividend growth increase among our portfolio.

I selected a couple of companies with long-term dividend growth growth of which I think they will perform well in 2017 and will increase their dividend payouts.

My main criteria are the following onces:

- Dividend Champion
- Debt-to-Equity under 1
- 5 Year EPS Growth over 5%
- Forward P/E under 20
- Positive Past Sales growth

18 Stocks from the Dividend Champs List remain. Maybe you agree or not. Please leave a comment about your thoughts related to the list.

Here are my favorite Dividend Champs for March 2017...


  1. Howard3/01/2017

    Thanks, Tom. VFC had somehow escaped my attention, but looks like a good one.

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