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Portfolio of 27 Best High-Yielding Oil and Gas Pipeline Stocks

According to analysts, North America needs to invest $641 billion in energy infrastructure by 2035 to meet growing demand. 

That is expected to triple the annual investment rate, which should drive strong growth for pipeline stocks over the next few decades. 

While there should be many winners, in my opinion, the best five stocks to invest in the growth of pipeline infrastructure in North America are below. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a more updated article, check out this piece on the best pipeline stocks.

Oil & gas pipeline operators transport fuel through pipelines, often over great distances. Most of these companies are structured as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which helps limit costs by passing tax obligations along to shareholders. 

Since MLPs are required to distribute the vast majority of their earnings to shareholders, these stocks usually offer very high dividend yields.

The oil and gas pipeline stocks included in the portfolio computations are: BWP, BPL, ENB, EEP, ETE, ETP, EPD, GEL, HEP, MMP, NS, NSH, OKS, PAA, TCP and TLP. Others are ARCX, BKEP, CQP, ENBL, JPEP, KMI, PSXP, PAGP, SEP, TEP, TLLP, VLP and WES.

These are the cheapest by forward P/E:

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