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8 Tech Stocks With Growing Dividends

These days, larger tech companies are much more likely to offer dividends and other payouts in addition to capital appreciation. That can be good news for income-seeking investors, assuming a company’s fundamentals are sound.

Still, tech stocks as a whole don’t have a high yield compared with other groups like utilities or telecom. The tech stocks in the S&P 500 yield about 1.4%, one of the lowest-yielding sectors and well below the broader market’s average of about 2%. Utilities yield about 3.4%.

Attached you will find a couple of tech stocks with rising dividends and yields over 2% that could deliver solid returns in the future.

Source: Barrons

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  1. Howard8/15/2017

    Tom, I like this kind of comparison of the dividend stocks within a particular sector. Good job!

    I've held IBM, INTC and MSFT for a while. TXN was my most recent buy, just last month. The only thing keeping me from buying QCOM is reluctance to let my portfolio get too tech-heavy.

    Looking forward to similar comparisons in other sectors.


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