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Ex-Dividend Stocks For July 11, 2018

Company Symbol % Yield Amount Period Donate and get the…
Virtus Total Return Fund ZF 12.92 0.361 Quarterly
Eagle Point Credit ECC 12.92 0.2 Monthly
Virtus Global Dividend ZTR 11.84 0.113 Monthly
Dynagas LNG Partners DLNG 11.78 0.25 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
AllianzGI Conv&Incm II NCZ 11.37 0.0575 Monthly
Virtus Glbl MultiSector VGI 11.03 0.126 Monthly
AllianzGI Conv&Incm NCV 11.02 0.065 Monthly
Doubleline Oppor Credit DBL 9.59 0.167 Monthly
Dreyfus Hi Yd Strat Fd DHF 8.98 0.0235 Monthly
DoubleLine Incm Solutions DSL 8.9 0.15 Monthly
AllianzGI Div Incm ACV 8.5 0.167 Monthly
Lazard Div&Income Fd LOR 8.42 0.07409 Monthly
John Hancock Pfd Inc III HPS 7.8 0.1222 Monthly
John Hancock Pfd II HPF 7.75 0.14 Monthly
Lazard Global TR Fund LGI 7.68 0.11556 Monthly
Eagle Point Credit Pfd ECCA 7.63 0.16146 Monthly
John Hancock Pfd Income HPI 7.62 0.14 Monthly
Eagle Point Credit Pfd. B ECCB 7.35 0.16146 Monthly
Two Harbors Pfd. A TWO.PA 7.35 0.50781 Quarterly
Two Harbors Pfd. B TWO.PB 7.24 0.47656 Quarterly
Two Harbors Pfd C TWOPC 7.24 0.45313 Quarterly
JHancock Pr Div PDT 7.07 0.0975 Monthly
HnckJohn TxAdv HTD 7.03 0.138 Monthly
EtnVncLtdFd EVV 6.41 0.067 Monthly Corporate Factbook
Eaton Vance Sr Incm Tr EVF 6 0.032 Monthly
AllianzGI Conv&Inc 2024 CBH 5.99 0.046 Monthly
Eaton Vance Hi Incm 2021 EHT 5.87 0.0475 Monthly
Citigroup 5.80% Pfd. C C.PC 5.68 0.3625 Quarterly
Eaton Vance FR 2022 EFL 5.5 0.043 Monthly
Eaton Vance Mun Income EVN 5.46 0.0541 Monthly
BrightSphere Nts 2031 BSA 5.34 0.32031 Quarterly
Eaton NY Trust EVY 4.95 0.05 Monthly Corporate Factbook
Eaton NJ EVJ 4.88 0.0457 Monthly
Eaton PA Trust EVP 4.49 0.0421 Monthly
Eaton OH Trsut EVO 4.34 0.0451 Monthly
Eaton CA Trust CEV 3.87 0.0371 Monthly
Eaton MA Trust MMV 3.76 0.0388 Monthly
Eaton MI Trust EMI 3.63 0.0391 Monthly Corporate Factbook
Waterstone Fincl WSBF 2.71 0.12 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
Ingles Markets Cl A IMKTA 2.04 0.165 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
Kadant KAI 0.92 0.22 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
Johnson Outdoors Cl A JOUT 0.54 0.12 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
Lennar Cl B LENB 0.36 0.04 Quarterly Corporate Factbook
Lennar Cl A LEN 0.29 0.04 Quarterly Corporate Factbook

This is only a small part of the full Dividend Yield Investor Fact Book Package you can get for a small donation

The full package contains excel sheets of essential financial ratios from all 113 Dividend Champions (over 25 years of constant dividend growth) and 204 Dividend Contenders (10 to 24 years of consecutive dividend growth). It's an open version, so you can work with it very easily.

In addition, you get also a Foreign Yield Factbook with content tables of the highest yielding stocks from the most important economies in the world.

For a small donation, we send you every update from the Fact Books direct to your donation e-mail adress.

A donation from you can helps us to develop this books and improve the quality of the work. Together we can make the world a better and smarter place. A place with no information advantage between poor and rich persons who have enough budget to buy the expensive data from Reuters and Bloomberg.

The Dividend Yield Fact Book compilation contains the following books and one Excel Sheet with financial ratios form all Dividend Champions and Dividend Contenders. Here is what you get for your donation:

Monthly updated Factbooks and Excelsheets

- Foreign Yield Fact Book - 42 Pages PDF
- Dividend Growth Stock Fact Book - 32 Pages PDF 
- Dividend Growth Excel Sheet  With over 300 Dividend Champions and Dividend Contenders

You'll get all these PDF's and Excels updated every month via e-mail. It's a one donation-lifetime service, as long as we can create it. These books need much time to create and we make them unsalaried, only for little donations.

These books and Excel Sheets are frequently updated and keeps you up-to date with current yield figures from the best Dividend Growth Stocks. Here is a preview of the content:

The Dividend Yield Factbooks could help you to find the right investments in order to generate a better return with less risk – It’s a simple database about the best dividend growth stocks for long-term investors.
Your benefits…

- A great overview about market price ratios of stocks
- Compilation of the longest dividend raisers
- Easy to compare stocks
- Find the best stocks fast
- Generate better returns
- Reduce your portfolio risk
- Generate stable growing dividend income long-term

There is no donation minimum or limit. You can choose the donation amount you want to give. The more you support us, the more we can create and give back to you. We think this is a fair deal.

Every donation, even a tiny one, helps us to keep this blog free available for everyone. Help us to support people with no income or big budget to get free and easy information on the web. Thank you.

Here is what some users say:

"As an experienced professional financial consultant for over 20 years, there isn't much I haven't already seen. This e-book and Excel tool is an absolute must have!

If you’re looking to improve your personal portfolio returns and you want a quick overview of the best dividend grower on the market, I would definitely recommend those Dividend Yield Factbooks. 

They introduce, with a clear and simple database, a large number of the best dividend growth stocks worldwide.

If you look for dividend stocks abroad? No problem, you get a large and easy overview with the Foreign Yield Factbook. Try to find similar worksheets on the web. There is no alternative!

All I can say is, study these e-books, discover the excel sheet and you'll walk away as a much better educated and more informed person. I will be looking for more dividend information tools like this and I will be sharing this information with my fellow colleagues."

Carl Holst – Financial Consultant

 "As a dividend growth investor, I’m a big believer in stocks with a long dividend growth history and it worked for me over the past 30 years.

This excellent ebooks and excel tools cover all essential aspects for private and institutional investors. I use these tools often to sharpen my view on the markets."

Peter Skole – Private Investor

 "I discovered the market for years as an analyst and know that dividend growth stocks are the top investments on the market. They offer less risks because of their ability to pay and grow dividends. The price you pay for this is simple: They have a limited ability to become the next tenbagger or game changer company. If you look for high growth technology stocks or want to make money with Penny stocks or binary options, you should take other sources for your research.

I’ve analyzed many value stocks in my career and most of them were dividend growers like constituents from the yield fact books. These lists compile a big number of high quality stocks. If you have less time, it’s the perfect tool to stay up to date."

Robert Escable – Senior Analyst

 “As a market professional, I need to be active to justify my work to clients. The stock market goes up and down and these Factbooks and Excelsheets help me to find the right stocks in very market situation.” 

Jane Lulowsi – Portfolio Manager

----Bonus for your donation----

Special Reports if released:

#1 Get an overview about the best yielding stocks of the world with the Foreign Yield Database for a special country

Check out more details here: Foreign Yield Factbook and Excelsheet.

Here is a preview of Canada:

#2 Receive Corporate Factbooks from Dividend Champions to stay up-to-date

See more details here: Corporate Factbooks

Example from Altria:

#3 - Get Factbook Compilations around interesting investing themes like Dogs of the Dow

Find more details here: Factbook compilation around investment themes 

Here is a preview of the 20 Cheapest Dividend Champions:

You get all this stuff for a small donation. There is no minimum or limit to donate. You can choose how much you like to support us. The more you give, the more we can give back to you. That's a fair deal in our view.

Thank you very much for your help. Thank YOU, it's a great pleasure!!!

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