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Dividend Champions With The Highest Profit Margins

Find Below Those Dividend Champions With The Highest Profit Margins.

Ticker Company P/E Fwd P/E P/S P/B  Dividend 
CBU Community Bank System, Inc. 21.63 19.9 9.21 1.99 2.11%
NNN National Retail Properties, Inc. 32.86 28.72 11.62 2.08 4.41%
CBSH Commerce Bancshares, Inc. 20.44 17.42 9.04 2.8 1.35%
MO Altria Group, Inc. 15.67 13.84 4.51 7.21 4.65%
HP Helmerich & Payne, Inc. - 58.53 2.86 1.52 4.59%
CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. 17.67 14.99 7.41 2.23 2.42%
UMBF UMB Financial Corporation 17.53 15.47 5.63 1.68 1.56%
WABC Westamerica Bancorporation 24.66 20.9 12.07 2.82 2.57%
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. 16.3 14.37 5.35 1.6 2.93%
MGRC McGrath RentCorp 22.22 18.44 2.86 2.55 2.40%
UHT Universal Health Realty Income Trust 38.78 - 13.04 4.75 3.72%
SRCE 1st Source Corporation 19.92 15.51 6.29 1.97 1.78%
TROW T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. 17.07 14.67 5.54 4.57 2.42%
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust 43.91 38.34 10.43 4.38 3.23%
SEIC SEI Investments Co. 20.13 17.93 5.94 5.94 1.00%
WTR Aqua America, Inc. 26.71 25.22 8.08 3.33 2.35%
THFF First Financial Corporation 14.93 14.29 5.18 1.49 2.00%
NC NACCO Industries, Inc. 9.88 - 2.14 1.05 1.89%
UBSI United Bankshares, Inc. 16.81 14.81 5.8 1.24 3.54%
PBCT People's United Financial, Inc. 15.95 12.86 4.52 1.11 3.81%

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