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Dividend Champions With 20% Or More Price Upside Potential - #NACCOIndustries #EatonVance #GeneralDynamics

Dear Reader, find below a list of Dividend Champions With 20% Or More Price Upside Potential

Ticker Company P/E Fwd P/E P/S P/B Dividend Price Target Price
EV Eaton Vance Corp. 14.34 12.3 3.19 4.66 3.12%     44.92        59.64  
NC NACCO Industries, Inc. 8.18 - 1.92 1.03 1.85%     35.76      128.00  
SEIC SEI Investments Co. 17.65 16.72 5.31 5.33 1.08%     55.55        73.00  
MGRC McGrath RentCorp 18.74 16.98 2.66 2.34 2.53%     53.76        74.00  
GRC The Gorman-Rupp Company 24.6 21.49 2.34 2.74 1.48%     36.53        46.00  
GD General Dynamics Corporation 17.24 15.18 1.62 4.27 2.02%   184.56      222.95  
CSL Carlisle Companies Incorporated 19.35 14.71 1.34 2.26 1.57%   102.03      128.40  
LOW Lowe's Companies, Inc. 20.76 16.58 1.15 13.99 1.93%     99.47      120.37  
CVX Chevron Corporation 22.61 12.33 1.5 1.49 3.75%   119.36      145.89  
ABM ABM Industries Incorporated 34.51 15.5 0.34 1.48 2.15%     32.54        39.83  
AOS A. O. Smith Corporation 19.46 16.65 2.54 4.63 1.88%     46.81        59.29  
FUL H.B. Fuller Company 28.52 12.4 0.81 2.13 1.31%     47.46        60.20  

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