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These Stocks With Yields Above 10% Have A Buy Or Better Rating - #GolarLNG #VEON #Carlyle #HoeghLNG #SelectIncomeREIT

Dear Reader, find below a list of stocks with yields over 10 and a buy or better rating. All stocks have positive return on investments and a market cap over 300 million.

Ticker Company P/E Fwd P/E P/S P/B Dividend Yield Donation Link for Investor Corporate Factbook - An example can be viewd here: 
              Example Factbook
SIR Select Income REIT 8.61 8.71 1.35 0.32 27.7% Factbook of SIR
NGL NGL Energy Partners LP - 16.76 0.06 0.62 15.0% Factbook of NGL
ORC Orchid Island Capital, Inc. - 4.62 6.64 0.88 14.4% Factbook of ORC
CPLP Capital Product Partners L.P. - 8.34 1.15 0.33 13.9% Factbook of CPLP
NRZ New Residential Investment Corp. 3.93 6.53 2.13 0.88 13.5% Factbook of NRZ
GMLP Golar LNG Partners LP 8.5 11.32 2.24 1.58 13.0% Factbook of GMLP
GPP Green Plains Partners LP 8.02 8.38 4.16 - 13.0% Factbook of GPP
KRP Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP - 29.83 7.56 1.36 12.9% Factbook of KRP
CCR CONSOL Coal Resources LP 7.63 7.32 1.37 2.2 12.3% Factbook of CCR
SFL Ship Finance International Limited 14.06 10.37 3.3 1.01 12.2% Factbook of SFL
VEON VEON Ltd. - 10.59 0.49 1.12 11.6% Factbook of VEON
RC Ready Capital Corporation 7.31 7.78 2.63 0.82 11.5% Factbook of RC
IEP Icahn Enterprises L.P. - 23.46 0.82 1.95 11.3% Factbook of IEP
AHT Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc. - - 0.29 0.85 11.0% Factbook of AHT
DCP DCP Midstream, LP 65.98 13.51 0.4 0.63 10.9% Factbook of DCP
GEL Genesis Energy, L.P. - 19.97 0.78 1.36 10.8% Factbook of GEL
MBT Public Joint-Stock Company Mobile TeleSystems 8.46 7.67 1.01 8.23 10.7% Factbook of MBT
TWO Two Harbors Investment Corp. 4.61 7.09 2.43 0.82 10.5% Factbook of TWO
CG The Carlyle Group L.P. 6.64 5.91 1.66 2.6 10.4% Factbook of CG
HMLP Hoegh LNG Partners LP 9.22 10.01 3.61 1.5 10.3% Factbook of HMLP

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