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About me
Hi, my name is Tom Roberts. I am 36 years old and a normal guy like you. I'm married with a wonderful wife and have a little daughter. I'm not rich, don’t drive a fancy car and I don’t have an expensive taste. I only have a passion for dividend stocks, investing and portfolio management. All this is what I like to share and discuss with you here.

I started to invest real money 15 years ago and focused myself on dividend paying stocks with a long-term growth track record. At this time. I was a beginner in this space and had no idea what to do and where it will end. All I can say is that dividend investing works but it is hard work. The hardest part is to be frugal and to stay disciplined for saving every dollar.

My passion for dividend investing is so big that I have no other choice. I gave up my permanent employment for being a frugal investor. For your notice: I don't invest for others and I do not sell research or other stuff. I'm working for my own portfolio allocation. It's not a big business, how you like to see (only a small corner in my sleeping room) but this is what makes me happy.

My Home Office

How my blog works
Everybody needs a regular occupation. With this blog, I try to give me a regular activity by discovering the best yielding dividend stocks. Dividend payments are in focus of my work. 

I'm a dividend growth investor and like to have an overview of the best dividend stocks and their current market ratios. I do this work primarily for myself.

I don’t want to sell you stocks and you will never hear a buy or sell recommendation from me. I try to show you objective figures from listed companies. All these data came from several trusted information providers and is free available for every investor on the internet. 

My work is also free and for everybody available in world. I like to share my thoughts about interesting investment opportunities and hope for comments from you. I also hope that you will find some value in my work.

The aim is to show you that you can make money with the best dividend growth stocks if you have a long-term investment horizon. You can have a better performance with a lower volatility. All you need is time and patience. 

Retiring with a high dividend income takes a lot of hard work, cleverness and also a little bit of luck too. I know that I have an inspiring life story and I hope it motivates you to stay healthy with the theme of dividend growth.

If you like to stay connected with my current stock ideas and thougts about dividend paying stocks or the capital market in general, you can easily subscribe to my blog below. Thank you for reading my blog!

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Happy Investing!


  1. Hi Tom,

    Just found your wonderful site (a little late). Excellent job!

    Maybe I missed it but do you have a list of stocks that are sorted by continuing buybacks coupled by increasing dividends?

    This would sem to be one of the better strategies to follow...


  2. Thank you so much. Yes, you are right. My biggest profits were made with low yielding stocks around the 2 percent range. The yield was so low because the companies bought own shares back, so the free cashflow yield was also around four percent. Out there is an index called Dividend Achiever Buyback or so. I consider to make a premium yield fact book from it. Maybe in the near future.


  3. Hey Tom,

    How long have you been running the blog/newsletter for?

    It looks like you are doing some pretty cool stuff with your dividend tracking.

  4. I think it was 2009 when I started this blog. I bought my first shares in 2000. Bad time for stock market investors. I lost really much money. But since 2003 it started to work.

  5. Setu Madhavan1/07/2013


    Great work. You are truly DIFFERENT from most out there. Keep up your incredibly WONDERFUL work. What I like the most about you is your HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those two things about you will take you to great heights. Stay the same simple, helpful, and focused person and I would like to watch you outperform some of the biggest on wall street with your straightforward approach.

  6. Thank you so much Setu. I give my best to help other people in order to make sure that they can improve their life.

  7. Thanks very much Tom!

    I'm not quite living off my dividends, but intend to :)

    My goal is to earn about $30 K in dividend income per year, and I'm on my way.

    How about you?

    I just checked out your site, it's great.

    I will absolutely add your blog to my blogroll - consider it done today.


  8. Thank you so much,

    because I still live from dividends, my goal is to double my income every five to ten years. This represents a growth of 7-14 percent yearly. Ambitious but possible.

  9. One of my go to sites when doing research. Recommend to anyone that has an interest in dividend growth stocks. The "good, bad and ugly" of a company's dividend policy and capacity to perform their commitment to fairly make distributions to it's shareholders.

    One of the best providers on non-fee based providers of pertinent stock information.

  10. Thank you so much Brian! Hope you can support me also on my Facebook Page. @All Please share your thoughts on the FB Yield page:

    Happy Investing!

  11. Joe P.4/23/2013

    Hi Tom:

    I love your blog and daily newsletters. I cant thank you enough for the awesome research you do. For example, I bought 200 shares of Invesco (IVR) today for the family trust.

    I've have been utilizing the info from your newsletters for a few months now, and my Mom recently passed, so I am now the trustee. I don't just jump on each stock you recommend either, but put them through my own screening process that involves reviewing 90 day SMA, checking the consistency of dividends, reviewing the news articles and checking for "fit" with our portfolio.

    But, the information you provide is very helpful and I wanted to thank you for it. I hosted a blog myself for ten years on the health hazards of CCA treated wood products, so I know how much work goes into doing this. Please know that your efforts are helping me and my brother and our families.

    Have a great day! Keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

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  13. Hi Tom,

    Nice blog, i'm investing also for the LT on dividend stocks (mainly) about around 80% of my portfolio.

    I'm fromt the Netherlands i saw an article of yours in EU?

    My US Stocks are:

    Dividend Aristocrats:
    Chevron, LyondellBasell Ind, Becton Dickinson, 3M, Parker-Hannifin, Johnson&Johnson, Walt Disny, Lowe's Company, PPG Industries, UNited Tech, Mondelez Int, Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, Abbot Laboratories

    Tech Apple en Google, NXP
    Reits (real estate investment trusts) - American Tower Corp and Realty Income
    Game: Zynga en Activision Blizzard
    New Energy: Nextera energy
    Transport - CSX

    I will read your articles, nice work!


  14. Hi Tom,

    Just happened across your site, wow! This is the real deal. Thanks for keeping it real, best regards!

  15. so Tom, you generated $33k in dividends in 10 years !! How can you live off that ?

    Thats very low / year dividend to be doing your living on or is it that you are getting five figure dividend per year which I dont see how you can with 139k investment ?

  16. It's only one account. I've several others... and you are right, 139k is definitly too low to live off...but with a 4% yield you get at least 6k in dividends per year.

  17. ok I believe you :)

    would have been good if you mentioned that. Clearly you are saying you are living off dividends and the numbers just didnt add up and made me think that the numbers are made up here.

    33k in 10 years = 3300/year = 275/month.. You cant do living with that. Thats probably just one utility bill. Everyone is different but in the part of the world we live in, its expensive. You need maybe 20,000+/year to do your living.

    If you are making that much with dividends thats great. Your porfolio must be huge then (maybe 1/2 million) but in 10 years its hard to save that much specially when you started with 15k like you mentioned. If you did, share with us how ?

  18. Yes, you are definitly right that it's really hard to build a passive imcome portfolio only with dividend growth. But if you safe a good part of your working salary, you can give your portfolio a boost and remember its possible to double your investments each 10 years due to dividends and stock price hikes.

    1. well, thats right. I would love to do that. Double my income every few years. I am investing/saving like crazy but its hard with US stocks that on average pay less than 3% dividend. So looking elsewhere, Europe and so on to get better yields.

      Hopefully some day.. :)

  19. I re-invest every dollar/euro I receive from my dividends (compounding) that's a nice way to increase income on the long term (10-20 yrs)

    Nice articles Tom!

    1. You say it. No robbery bankers, no provisons, only direct investments will help you...

    2. Hi Tom, i read the update Accenture, nice pick

      I've a question regards the upcoming scheduled dividend, is there a easy way to find that on the web?

      With regards

    3. Perhaps my question isn't complete, i mean is there a site where I easy can find scheduled dividends for US companies. Most of my own shares i know by now after a while, but for new stocks it's sometimes difficult to find.

    4. I use this website to find dividend history as well as the next dividend payout.

  20. Hey mate, what data sources do you use?

    1. Hi Tony, I've different sources. The most popular are yahoofinance and buyupside.

  21. Some nice articles again Tom, thnx!

    One thing i don't agree:

    "Summarized, I would be happy to die with a double-digit million amount."

    That's not smart ;)

    Keep on going the good work

  22. Thank you Boterham :-)
    Yes, from the perspective now, it's better to die with a zero amount of money and to send some money for living and enjoying life.

  23. Keep being Awesome. I want you to know that I really enjoy your dividend focused blogs with great analysis.




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