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12 High-Yielding And Fairly Priced Dividend Stocks

Sometimes high dividends can be transient as the business may not be able to support it long term. In compiling this list, we have also considered the safety of the dividend and this is indicated by a high dividend coverage ratio. 

These companies have also grown their dividends at a nice clip over the last 5 years which shows their commitment to dividend payments and shareholder returns. 

While nothing is certain, this is a great list to start with and conduct further research in each of these stocks to figure out if they are good investments for your portfolio or not.

Attached you can find a list of stocks that might look attractive now. Each of the resutls pay a dividend over 3 percent yerly and have a low price-to-earnings ratio. Dividends grew by more than 10 percent over the past 5 years and those payments are coverd more than two times.

The value focus on the market moves more to Energy, Commodity and Energy related engineering stocks.

In addition, there are also a few retailing stocks that look cheap. Macy's, Kohls, GameStop, Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Bed Bath & Beyond are a few examples.

They could also be cheap for a reason: Online retailers like Amazon or ebay gaining more and more market share.

However, back to the results. Here are the 12 best results for value investors who look for dividend income.

12 High-Yielding And Fairly Priced Dividend Stocks are...

9 Low-Risk Dividend Growth Stocks To Survive A Market Crash

Businesses that are frequently in the process of giving out money to shareholders through dividends are extremely attractive for investor portfolio.

Historically, dividend shares are much less prone to changes in general as compared to non-dividend shares, and the payout of dividend itself is also less prone to change as compared to earnings per share, as businesses don’t want to face the backlash that comes from eliminating or cutting a dividend.

In addition, there’s also the compounding power; potential investors can invest their dividends back for more share, which results in more dividends in the long term. Hence, the popularity of dividend stock is not really a surprise and also, they are investments with low risk. Below, you will find 9 dividend stocks which are low-risk; irrespective of a difficult year, it could be something important for merely about any portfolio.

Here are the results...

12 Stocks With The Latest Dividend Growth

Attached are all stocks with dividend growth from the past week. There was a massive sell-off during the latest trading days of the week.

Well, it hurts me too but as a long-term investor, you must look at the next 20 or 30 years. I know that it's hard to stay disciplined and holding your first class assets while seeing them shrinking.

Only 12 companies have announced a dividend hike in the past week. ITC, Nordson, Dillard and Brinker are the biggest names. 

Here are the results:

Dogs Of The Dividend Aristocrats Index 2015

The “Dogs of the Dow Jones” theory is a popular investment strategy. Put most of your money into those stocks from the Dow Jones with the highest yield, cheapest price ratios and big expected earnings growth.

It's easier to tell you this than to do it. However, I like to enlarge this philosophy to stocks from the Dividend Aristocrats index.

Here are the detailed results:

8 Small Cap Dividend Growth Stocks Warren Buffett Would Love

Today I'd like to share small-capstocks with businesses that are both understandable and durable, but trade at prices I personally deem too high. All businesses have traits Buffett would love: durable brands, strong competitive positions, and low-cost advantages. If Mr. Market gives me a deal, I'll be buying shares of each with both hands.

The fascinating thing about low market valuations is that the company can grow at a faster pace because their current market potential seems to be enormous.

The bad thing about those stocks is that they offer a higher risk. However, let's try the screen and face the facts.

Here are the results:

Top Dividend Grower Of The Week

Today I like to highlight those stocks with dividend growth in the past week. In total, 12 companies raised dividends of which four have a yield of more than 3 percent.

The biggest stocks on the attached list were Caterpillar, Target, FedEx and CR Bard, each with a market capitalization over 10 billion.

Here are the top results:

11 Oversold Dividend Growth Stocks With Cheap P/E's And Growth Forecast

When a stock price falls, I believe that a high quality company becomes cheaper and more attractive. That is a good thing in my view.

Today I like to share eleven stocks with an oversold label, measured by an RSI-40 level.

I've compiled only stocks with 10 or more years of consecutive dividend growth. In addition, on the list are only stocks with a low forward P/E as well as expected earnings growth of more than 5 percent for the next five years.

These are the results....

8 Dividend Grower With Very Low Debt Ratios

When we talk about safe dividend stocks, one criteria that makes the company more secure is cash or low debt.

The financial situation of a corporate is very essential for the future success. Only with low debt and cash on banks, a firm has enough potential to act independent. They don't need to look for new capital injections to finance growth or repay debt.

Today I like to show you those large cap stocks with a longer dividend growth history that have the lowest debt-to-equity ratio.

They have extremly low ratios of less than 0.1. Which stocks do you like?

These are the results...

10 Top Dividend Champs At 52-Week Lows

I personally look at stocks that are not popular on the market. Those are companies with decreasing stock prices which does not mean that they have a bad running business. Sometimes, there is something wrong with the sentiment or the technicals, only a market issue.

Bottom fishing can sometimes be a big mistake for novice investors. In the past I found it easy to convince myself that buying a stock at the 52 week low is not a risky proposition because of that stock's low price relative to past earnings, dividend yield, or some other metric of value.

But in reality, buying a down trending stock is always risky, as you are betting against the market itself which does not mean that it is bad. Swimming or acting against the storm or crowd could be profitable.

Today, I like to show you those stocks from the Dividend Champions list that is trading around its one year lows. It's only informational but there are also some good names on it. Which do you like?

These are the results...

10 U.K. High-Quality Dividend Stocks With Free Cashflow Yields Over 4%

High quality investments existing all over the world but the most of them can be found on the mother country of capitalism, United States.

Asset prices have grown into unbelievable dimensions due to the expansive monetary policy. In addition, the dollar was also on the strong pace.

It does make sense to look for high-quality investments abroad if you believe that the current assets in the USA are overpriced in average.

Today, I like to give an overview about some high-yielders in terms of free cash flow from the UK. In addition, those stocks pay solid dividends with room to grow them for years.

These are the results....

REIT Investing: 6 Top Picks From The Dividend Growth Space

As a long-term reader of my blog, you may have been noticed that REITs and MLPs are some of the highest paying dividend stocks.

When comparing REIT yields to investments with qualified dividends, you must always look at them on an after-tax basis. REITs trade on major stock exchanges and have become immensely popular since their introduction.

REITs pay high dividends due to the fact that they need to pay high amounts of their assets and gross income in order to keep their REIT status and therefore the tax optimized corporate structure.

Below are 6 top REIT picks from the dividend growth space that have a dividend yield of 5 percent or more.

These are the results...

Maybe The Best Dividend Stocks Of The S&P 500

Investing in indexes is a great way to avoid big risk especially when they are highly liquid like the Dow Jones or S&P 500. 

Both are survival indices because over the recent years and decades, bad companies become eliminated and good stocks were included. Today, Apple is a star in the Dow Jones. 

 By eliminating the bad stocks from the good ones, investors can create an outperformance. The only question is how do we beat the market by selected better performing stocks? 

To find the best dividend payers today, we need to divide the index into "High-yielders" and "dividend-growers". The first class of stocks pay a higher dividend but has a slow growth rate while the second group grows faster while paying only small amounts of money to shareholders. 

In addition, I run my screen for firms with solid earnings outlooks and solid fundamentals, both within the high yielders and dividend growers’ category. 

Finally, a list of nine dividend paying stocks remain. Please find attached the detailed results of the screen. Which do you like?

These are the results.....

4 Great Dividend Stocks With Double-Digit Earnings Growth

Long-Term dividend growth investors need to look at the expected earnings growth of a company. The idea is simple: A growing company will also raise dividends if they don't strengthen their dividend policy.

What you also need to do is to observe the current market price of the company. If you pay 20 times of actual sales, you must have a very fast growing and highly profitable busienss to achieve a solid return in the future.

Below, I've compiled 4 stocks with double digit earnings forecasts for the mid-term and solid valuation figures.

These are the results:

10 Dividend Growers Institutional Investors Like

Goldman Sachs is projecting that nearly half of stock returns over the next decade will be from dividends. That's a huge number and based on historically data.

This is certainly good news for dividend investors. Unfortunately the stock market is trading at an elevated price-to-earnings ratio. As a result, total stock market returns are expected to average just 5% a year over the next decade.

If you are looking for more return, you must select the good stocks and eliminate the bad ones. By following the dividend growth rule, dividend growth stocks should perform better than the overall market.

Below are 10 that could fit the dividend growth rule. Which do you like?

10 Top Dividend Growers to consider are....

4 Safe High-Yielding Stocks To Consider

Safety comes first, that's also one of my rules when I started to invest money into the stock market. I believe that it gives you a solid return to avoid the big risks because each loss you don't need is also a gain you don't need to catch by taking higher risks.

Growth is just as important. Investors in or near requirement should demand their investments grow dividend income at least as fast as inflation - and hopefully much faster. This gives you a boost in your standard of living each year.

Today I like to introduce 4 stocks with a large dividend growth history (more than 30 years that give investors a solid ground to invest.

Each of these businesses also has maintained a growth rate higher than the inflation rate for the last several years and has a dividend yield 3% or higher. These high yield stocks should provide income now and growth for future income. 

They all have exceptionally low stock price standard deviations. These 3 businesses also have strong competitive advantages that insulate them from the worst effects of recessions. In short, these are 4 high quality businesses that score high marks for safety.

These are the results:

6 Mid Capitalized Dividend Achievers For Growth And Income Seeking Investors

Recently, I wrote about foreign small cap dividend stocks with growth potential. Small- and midcaps offer investors a higher opportunity because sales could grow faster from a low basis.

But there is no free lunch. Those stocks are also much riskier than large caps. Generally, smaller cap securities are more volatile, but often offer a higher rate of return over the long-term.

 Today I like to show you 6 small and mid capitalized stocks form the Dividend Achievers list that have risen dividends over more than 10 years in a row.

These are the results:

7 High Quality Stocks With Solid Room To Grow Dividends While Paying High Yields

It's hard to find good investments, especially in a market where everybody can discover the same fundamentals.

The stock market is one of the most competitive and transparent markets in the whole world. The good thing is that free information helps us to get a better overview of price ratios and risk premiums.

I'm a very fundamental driven investor and screen the capital market by several criteria related to debt, price, free cash flow, growth and so on.

Today I like to introduce 7 high quality stocks with a debt to total capital less than 40, free cash payout less than 60% and with a yield above 2.5%.

These are the results:

The Best Guarantee To Get Dividends Over 100 Years

Dividends are important for investors because they pay down your investment and reduce risk. Growing dividends are good but only a small group of companies could grow their dividends year over year.

Look at General Electric. The company reduced its dividends within the financial crisis but paid investors cash. Is GE a bad stock? No, definitely not.

There are times in which the company has problems but for the long-term the business perspectives should become better due to a stronger and growing economy. This should not work for every company but for the average stock market.

Today I like to show you the 7 best dividend paying stocks that paid a dividend for more than a century, over 100 years or more.

These are the results:

The 5 Best Dividend Champion By Fundamentals Right Now!

Fundamental investors look for good investments via balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements as well.

They run a screen over the market and get results which stocks look attractively on current prices. This method has some lags, for sure but it could also deliver new ideas.

Today I've run my Dividend Champions database by stocks with cheap fundamentals, low valuations and decent earnings growth over the mid-terms.

5 stocks fulfilled my criteria. Which do you like?

These are the results:

5 Highest Dividend Paying With The Cheapest Growth-To-Price Ratio

Are you looking for stocks that grow faster than the market and trading at a lower valuation? 

This sounds like a crazy valuation right? ... but it isn't!

Morgan Stanley has discovered stocks that are trading at a discount to the broader market and also expected to grow at an above-average rate.

Below are five of the highest yielding dividend stocks from the list. Which do you like? Please let me know.

These are the 5 Top dividend paying results: