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The Biggest Dividend Stocks From The Consumer Goods Sector - #Apple #ProcterGamble #Unilever #Pepsico #Nike #Altria #Sony

Dear Reader, find below a list of The Biggest Dividend Stocks From The Consumer Goods Sector

Ticker Company P/E Fwd P/E P/S P/B Dividend Yield Donation Link for Investor Corporate Factbook - An example can be viewd here: 
              Example Factbook
AAPL Apple Inc. 12.54 11.09 2.9 6.83 1.9% Factbook of AAPL
PG The Procter & Gamble Company 22.64 19.44 3.43 4.47 3.1% Factbook of PG
KO The Coca-Cola Company 30.25 21.35 6.23 11.03 3.3% Factbook of KO
TM Toyota Motor Corporation 7.48 7.64 0.71 0.99 2.8% Factbook of TM
UL Unilever PLC 23.59 19.15 2.57 10.43 3.4% Factbook of UL
UN Unilever N.V. 23.86 18.88 2.57 10.66 3.3% Factbook of UN
PEP PepsiCo, Inc. 18.66 18.12 2.37 14.88 3.4% Factbook of PEP
NKE NIKE, Inc. 29.59 24.23 3.14 13.48 1.2% Factbook of NKE
BUD Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV 21.45 15.9 2.17 2.11 4.5% Factbook of BUD
PM Philip Morris International Inc. 13.05 13.14 3.55 - 6.6% Factbook of PM
MO Altria Group, Inc. 12.48 11.36 3.63 5.94 6.5% Factbook of MO
DEO Diageo plc 26.17 19.11 5.61 6.91 3.0% Factbook of DEO
BTI British American Tobacco p.l.c. 2.05 8.57 2.49 0.95 8.3% Factbook of BTI
ABEV Ambev S.A. 26.31 22.05 5.62 4.69 5.2% Factbook of ABEV
MDLZ Mondelez International, Inc. 19.06 16.98 2.37 2.43 2.5% Factbook of MDLZ
SNE Sony Corporation 10.07 11.26 0.75 1.99 0.5% Factbook of SNE
KHC The Kraft Heinz Company 16.16 12.24 2.06 0.85 5.5% Factbook of KHC
CL Colgate-Palmolive Company 22.77 20.42 3.45 - 2.7% Factbook of CL
GM General Motors Company 6.31 6.34 0.36 1.38 4.1% Factbook of GM
HMC Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 4.95 9.18 0.35 0.66 3.4% Factbook of HMC

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