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20 Smaller Capitalized Canadian Dividend Stocks With Really Big Free Cashflow Margins

You may be bored by my articles about the best dividend paying stocks with cheap price ratios and additional potential to grow. 

Sometimes I also create screens from foreign stocks but my database is not so big that I can deliver you detailed data's for free with a long-term dividend history.

Today I've found a great article about smaller capitalized Canadian stocks with great dividend yields and a huge free cash flow. The article was released on the online version of The Globe And Mail and uses the Canadian Morningstar Screener.

Here are the criteria which the author has used:

  • expected dividend yield;
  • free cash flow yield;
  • free cash flow payout ratio;
  • free cash flow margin.

In order to find the best stocks with dividend potential from Canada, the criteria are very good in my view. But the list is full of cyclic and low diversified stocks. That's a major reason why I always look at stocks with a big share of international sales.

However, I believe the list provides a good overview about the opportunities from the Canadian stock market and the author has done a great job. Yields must be sustainable and should not be paid from the substance of the corporate. They should only be a small part of the free cash flow.