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17 Oversold Dividend Achievers Trading At Very Attractive Levels

The market pullback is serving up a yield bonanza, and investors who rely on dividends to supplement their income have a wide variety of stocks to choose from. 

 Super-sized payouts should probably be avoided because they come with higher risks and you don’t want to step in just before the distribution gets a nasty haircut. There are, however, a handful of stocks with rock-solid dividends that are now trading at very attractive levels.

Each of the attached stocks have a long dividend growth history of more than 10 years. In addition, the forward P/E is under 15, the debt to equity under 1 and earnigs should grow by more than 5 percent yearly for the next 5 years.

Finally every stock in the attached list is oversold by a RSI value of 0.4.

Here are some of my current ideas....

Despite Market Sell-Off: 16 S&P 500 Stocks Close To Fresh 52-Week Highs

Stock markets are in correction mode but not all stocks declined within the past months. 

Not so surprisingly, they’re mostly defensive names like staples and utilities. 

After all, we’ll need to stock up on plenty of cans of Campbell soup and Hormel SPAM for our bunkers to ride out the market volatility (not to mention the 2016 elections!). 

Looking back at 2011, not only did most of these stocks perform respectably during the 2011 selloff, they participated in the rally back (although on a low beta).Attached you will find a selection of stocks near 52-Week Highs.

Only 16 companies from the S&P 500 have achieved this.

Here are the results...

14 Arguments For Apple Each Long-Term Investor Should Know Now!

Apple released recently its quarter results from the most important fiscal of the full year.

The number disappointed investors despite numbers at all time highs.

Apple is still the biggest company on the planet but if you compare the size with its business operations around the world, apple becomes modest.

These are now over 1 billion active iphone outside, which are potential iTunes sales machines.

The company owned store becomes more and more imporant. The core question is if we have seen the apple peak or will the tech giant become more dominant in the future with new products like iWatch, iTV and iCar?

Mid-Term AAPL Forecasts By Reuters,

Make your own picture with these 14 facts from the latest Apple report...

Safe Stocks With Dividend Yields Over 4% And Consistent Growth

Investors are often told that they can safely withdraw 4% of their portfolios upon retirement to help fund their living expenses. While doing so typically requires selling off assets, there are some dividend stocks that currently yield more than 4%.

Filling your portfolio with these types of stocks could make it possible for you to live off your dividend income alone, thereby reducing the need to decide which assets to sell -- and when.

Attached you will find 10 Dividend Champions with a current dividend yield of more than 4%...

Here are the top yielding results in detail...

20 Safe Stocks To Survive A High Volatility While Receiveing 3% Plus Dividends

Every time it seems safe to go back in the water, oil gets hammered and the stock market dives again. One very good sign is that most of Wall Street is as bearish now as they were in 2009, and after a correction to open the year in January, things are very negative to say the least. 

Given the sparsity of good income investment alternatives now, especially with interest rates continuing to plummet, one good alternative for gun-shy investors is conservative stocks that pay big dividends.

Attached you can find a few stocks from our research that might offer a special hedge in times of high market volatility and rising anxious.

Each of the attached results has a market capitalization over 10 billion and a very low beta of less than half of the market.

Finally I've only listed those stocks with the highest dividend yield.

Here are the 20 best yielding low beta dividend large cap stocks...