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These 25 Stocks Are Sold Out To Bargains

Are you worried about the latest sell-off or flash crash, bloody Monday of August 25? I'm not! Many told that the current situation could be a buying opportunity because China is not a problem for the US. The home economy is doing well with expected growth of 2 percent.

Inflation pressure should also come down due to lower commodity prices. The only negative point is the strong dollar.

However, I've attached a small list of 25 attractive domestic stocks with upside potential. Those stocks suffered under a massiv sell-off.

These are some of my favorite dividend stocks...

Super Investors Love These 10 Stocks Mostly By Betting On Rising Stock Prices

Today I like to introduce 10 of the top buys from the past quarter by super investors like Warren Buffett or George Soros.

I've posted an article related to the activities of Warren Buffett recently on this blog. Warren is one of the investors I watch closer. I like to stay informed by with most of his decisions, I don't agree.

I like the idea of dividend growth with accent on growth. Growth is more important than yield but you must find a great balance from both.

Google and Berkshire are two top picks on the list who don't pay dividends but generated phenomenal growth in the past. It shows that creating values don't depend on paying dividends or buying back own shares.

The truth is that normal investors like me or maybe you too, need a bigger part of shareholder friendly presents. We don't have the ability to reduce working capital or boost free cash flows by combining several businesses. That's only possible for big investors.

Here are the top dividend results:

Dividend Growth And Buyback Kings Combined: 5 Top Picks Right Now!

In a cheap credit environment, companies with about a 10% debt-to-capital ratio would be better served by borrowing more to accelerate buybacks and reduce share count. The smart use of debt is a key tenet of balance-sheet optimization.

Buybacks and dividends are great ways to unlock shareholder values. The past has shown that both strategies work well for long-term orientated investors but you need to watch careful the market valuation.

I'm looking for companies trading at a 30%-40% discount to intrinsic value, based on the potential optimization of the balance sheet. Incentive structures based on return on capital, total shareholder return and economic value added are more important than factors based on top-line growth.

Attached are 5 big names with solid dividends that offer a great risk premium right now.

These are the results:

12 Reliable Dividend Growth Stocks You Should Own For The Decade

Reliable dividend stocks are a rewarding way to unlock income from your investments, and dividend-paying stocks have historically outperformed non-dividend stocks over time. With this in mind, we've put together a list of five winning dividend stocks that promise to reward investors for the next 25 years.

Especially when you are younger, in the 20s, it makes definitely sense to buy stocks for the long-run. Only over a very long period, companies can develop their full potential and create values.

These are my main criteria:

- Dividend Champion (more than 25 years of consecutive dividend growth)
- Low forward P/E
- Positive 5-year EPS growth for the future
- Debt-to-Equity under 1

Seventeen stocks fulfilled my criteria of which five yield over 3 percent.

Here are the top yielding results. Attached is also a good list of all results with essential fundamentals. Do you like some of them? Please let me know if you have some interesting thoughts about the stocks. Thank you.

Here are the top yielding income screening results....

12 Stocks With The Latest Dividend Growth

Attached are all stocks with dividend growth from the past week. There was a massive sell-off during the latest trading days of the week.

Well, it hurts me too but as a long-term investor, you must look at the next 20 or 30 years. I know that it's hard to stay disciplined and holding your first class assets while seeing them shrinking.

Only 12 companies have announced a dividend hike in the past week. ITC, Nordson, Dillard and Brinker are the biggest names. 

Here are the results:

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