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Dividend Kings List Update - Dividend Growth For Over 50 Years

Dividend kings are a rare breed of companies that have raised their dividend for more than 50 consecutive years.

Dividend kings have survived periods of inflation, oil booms, technology busts, rising interest rates, economic recessions, terrorist attacks, market crashes, evolving consumer tastes, major technology advancements, and more. Any business that has made it through every environment imaginable while maintaining regular dividend increases is worth analyzing.

Dividend kings are outstanding businesses that have demonstrated resiliency, consistent free cash flow generation, stable returns on capital, and (of course) predictable dividend growth. Many of them are included in the list of our favorite blue chip dividend stocks.

While there are 51 stocks in the S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index, which includes companies in the S&P 500 Index that have raised their dividend for at least 25 consecutive years, there are fewer than 25 dividend kings.

Here are 18 Dividend Kings presented in alphabetical order. Each stock has increased its annual dividend 50 or more consecutive years.

5 High Income Opportunities To Consider

Many investors love dividend stocks – and for good reason. Reinvesting dividends can turbocharge total capital appreciation over the long term.

And, naturally, the passive income streams they generate make them a great fit for investors who want current income.

Let's look at three dividend stocks that are currently yielding 4% or more yet are relatively stable, or at least not overly risky, as many higher yielders tend to be. They've also outperformed the market over the past 10 years.

These are the results...

9 Cheap Dividend Pharma Stocks

When investors are on the hunt for income-driving dividend stocks, they often gravitate toward utilities or consumer staples names. And well they should. Those businesses are essentially recession- proof, so the income — in the form of dividends — they pass along to shareholders is quite reliable.

Conversely, pharmaceutical stocks are rarely seen as effective dividend stocks. Although drugs are also relatively non-cyclical, these stocks are often impacted by an ever-changing regulatory environment and the ever-changing strength or weakness of a drugmaker’s portfolio and pipeline.

As it turns out, however, some of the best-known Big Pharma names are also very solid dividend providers. These drugmakers dole out income to shareholders by leveraging their size to constantly refresh their drug portfolios. 

In fact, the average dividend yield for all the major pharma stocks right now (and bear in mind there are some that pay nothing) is a healthy 2.35%. That’s still less than the typical 4% payout utility stocks boast right now.

Attached I've compiled a list of the highest yielding stocks with a low  P/E within the pharma subindustry. Only 9 names exist.

Here are the results...

16 Long-Term Dividend Growers At Reasonable Prices

A very, very famous investor once said that he liked to buy excellent businesses at 'reasonable prices.' I like to think that I am of the same mindset. A strategy of mine is to look for such businesses with real competitive advantages, but ones that are dividend payers and dividend growers.

My watch list now includes a couple hundred stocks, all of which are dividend payers. Today I'd like to share a small list of those which I believe retail income investors can buy 'off the shelf' right now.

These are the results...