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Dogs Of The Dow Jones Dezember 2017

Dividend-paying stocks appeal to many investors, with low interest rates on bonds making them one of the sole remaining sources of plentiful portfolio income.

For income-hungry investors, the Dow Jones Industrials and its 30 constituents are an obvious place to look for high-quality dividend stocks.

One way that dividend investors use the Dow to come up with a simple-to-follow strategy is known as the Dogs of the Dow, which offer both above-average yields and often outperformance on a total return basis.

Let's look more closely at the current list of the Dow Jones and try to discover the best Dogs for Dezember 2017. It's now time to adjust your portfolio and discover the best picks for the new year.

These are the Dogs of the Dow by yield (the 10 highest yielding stocks from the list)...

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy For 2017

Dividends, the share of their revenues that companies pay to their shareholders, are a big deal: 

Over the past century, they’ve accounted for roughly half of total returns earned by stock investors. And if stock returns flatten out over the next few years, as many economists anticipate, dividends will matter even more in driving growth for investors.

But these days, it’s unusually difficult to find dividend-paying stocks that look like good buys. 

Stock valuations in the category are lofty after years of outperforming the broader market. The forward price/earnings ratio of the top 25% of S&P 500 stocks by dividend yield is 17, vs. a 36-year average of 12.

And the dividends themselves can seem relatively stingy: The number of companies increasing their dividend has been shrinking, and the number of decreases is accelerating. And there’s also the danger that if interest rates rise, as is expected, investors could flee the sector and send stocks careening downward.

With those in mind, we asked ourself what could be the best investment ideas for 2017. Here are 11 stocks where the experts see opportunity and safety.

These are the results...

9 Really Cheap Dividend Aristocrats

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett built his $60 billion-plus fortune by buying high-quality businesses at discounts. The Oracle of Omaha summed up his love for bargains with this quote: "Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down."

Focus on high quality and buy it at cheap prices, that's the key to get rich. One way to find cheap high-quality dividend paying stocks is to search the lists of long-term dividend growth stocks by market price multipes.

Today I will share a few of the longest dividend growers with really cheap price levels, measured by a low forward P/E.

Dividend Aristocrats are those unique kinds of stocks that rarely go on sale. For more than 25 years, these companies have been churning out ever-increasing dividend payments that show they are more than capable of handling the ups and downs of the economy -- or their respective industry cycles.

Every once in a while, though, the market forgets the long-term earnings power of these companies, and their stocks become good bargains.

Here are the cheapest Dividend Aristocrats now...

A Compilation Of The Best Tobacco Stocks

The tobacco industry has delivered solid returns over the long run despite facing plenty of challenges along the way. 

Between litigation, regulation, taxation, health concerns, and changing consumer preferences, the world's largest producers and marketers of cigarettes and other tobacco products have had to change gears in order to adapt to the new environment in the industry.

However, many tobacco stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 over the past year due to the popularity of high-yielding dividend stocks in a low interest rate environment. 

Meanwhile, the profitability of many tobacco companies improved as they used higher prices, cost cutting measures, and buybacks to offset weaker sales. Therefore, investors should be familiar with three of the top names in the industry.

Attached I've compiled some of the best names from the industry. For sure, there is not much competition. Market consolidatioin and strong market entry barriers are have created such a low competitor branch.

Here is my compilation of the best tobacco stocks...

The Biggest Stock Buybacks With At Least One Billion Firepower

Stock buybacks, also known as share repurchases, occur when companies buy shares of their own stock to reduce the number of shares outstanding.

Stock buybacks can be used to offset stock issued to employees as compensation, or to improve earnings per share by reducing the number of shares by which earnings are divided. Sometimes, companies repurchase stock simply because they believe their shares are undervalued.

Buyback proponents say they reward these long-term shareholders by effectively increasing their ownership of the company, and they help boost the value of a stock by raising the company's earnings per share. And when there's no other compelling use for a company's cash, this is a better alternative than risky spending on takeovers or other big investments.

But the other view on buybacks is that — like the restaurant removing tables — their only impact is in making things look better than they seem. Yes, earnings per share rise, but that's not because earnings are growing. Even their fiercest proponents — somewhat hypocritically — say they're overused.

With that in mind, I've compiled all stocks with a billion dollar buyback announcement during the year 2016. In total, there are exactly 82 companies with such a big share buyback volume.

Here are the results...