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26.25% Annual Return With Lobbying Stocks? Here is how it works...

I found an interesting portfolio investing idea: Invest into stocks that spend a huge amount of money to support political campaigns’. 

It's no wonder that corporations have a huge interest in spending money for politics: Each dollar should create a return of 220 bucks in the future. That's a pretty good investment in my view.

I'm no social guy and have no thoughts in my mind how governments work but stocks that have spend huge amounts for lobbying as a percent of total assets, have performed very well in the past. 

Stocks that lobby Washington beat the street by shocking 11 percent yearly!

Since 2009 a compilation of lobbing stocks generated an annual return of 26.25 percent while the Sharpe Ratio of the combined portfolio reached a high value of 0.88.

Look at my attached stock list. Hope you get some new ideas. I still introduce many investing ideas and dividend growing stocks on my blog. 

Here are the top stocks that spend a large amount on lobbying as a percent of total assets:


Warren Buffett Buys Surprisingly These 8 Dividend Stocks

Warren Buffett released recently his Portfolio movements via 13F. 

I cover his investment changes and like to share my thoughts about his latest moves with you here on my blog. 

Sure, I like to keep my focus on dividend stocks but you will also get his non-dividend payer stock buys and sells.

During the past quarter, Warren bought 11 stocks of which eight pay a dividend. Four stocks were reduced and one, Deere, were sold out by the investment guru from Omaha.

General Motors and Suncor Energy are his highest yielding stock purchases from the past quarter. Completely new shares in his asset vehicle were Express Scripts Holdings, the health care plans operator.

In addition he added Visa and MasterCard. The trend of paying cash-less is fully intact and gains more and more momentum.

Also Wal-Mart and IBM shares were increased by Buffett. Below is a full list of his latest stock movements.

Here are Warren Buffett's latest dividend paying stock buys:


5 Best Dividend Growth And Buyback Stocks Of The Week

One of my main thought related to investments is "how fast can the company pay my money back".

It's one of the basic principals in investing. Put your money into stocks that drive you cash back in a very short period of time. The smaller the pace, the bigger your return will be.

Warren Buffett bought BNSF Railway in November 3, 2009 for around USD 44 billion. It sounds like a huge amount of money but the railroad company who travelled 169 million miles in 2010 paid warren since his acquisition around $15 billion in dividends. Not bad for an old-school business.

Below I've compiled like each week stocks that have raised dividends during the past week. In addition, you can also find a list of those stocks which have released a share buyback program.

Receiving money, direct or indirect should help passive investors like me to hedge a minimum amount of return.


13 Stocks With Dividend Yields Over 10%

I know you like dividends and can't wait to receive the next payment from your favorite company. 

Dividends are great but most of the dividend stocks don't give you high amounts of cash into your pocket.

Why don't we look for stocks with very high yields? 

I talk about dividend yields in the double-digit yield range, 10 percent or more on a yearly basis. That's possible.

Sounds great? Yes for sure but those dividends often include a great risk of being reduced in the near future.

Below are 13 stocks with very high dividend yields (over 10 percent or more). I've compiled only stocks from the U.S. with a higher market capitalization in order to keep the big risks out.

13 stocks with yields over 10 percent are... 


82 Shareholder Friendly Stocks of the Week

Below are the top dividend growth stocks and share buyback companies of the week. On the list are some pretty good yielding stocks. Big names like Starbucks, Emerson Electric or Honeywell.

AIG, Motorola and Royal Caribbean Cruises are the biggest stocks with a fresh buyback announcement during the past week.

Cheap is a question of growth. A faster growing company can be higher valuated. Only 17 of the stocks have a forward P/E of less than 15.

The 7 Top Dividend Growth Stocks Of the past Week are...

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