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45 Stocks With Growing Dividends In The Past Week

Attached is a list of all dividend growers from the past week.

In total, 45 companies increased their dividend payments of which 16 are higher capitalized (over 2 billion market cap).

6 stocks from the results have a yield over 10 percent while 8 paying dividends of 5 to 10 percent. Most of the high yielders are low capitalized stocks of which I'm not really sure how long they will pay dividends in general.

My greatest surprise was the dividend hike of Alliance Holdings and Alliance Resource Partners. Both increased dividends despite high debt and falling coal prices. Shale Gas is killing Coal but ARLP still generate cash from coal mining. Let's follow what happens in the future.

These are my favorites from the list. Which do you like?

20 Highest Yielding Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week

Attached is a list of the highest yielding stocks that go ex-dividend within the upcoming week. The full list can be found here: Ex-Dividend Stocks Of The Next Week August 03 - 09, 2015. Only MidCaps with a market cap over 2 billion were included.

IBM and Intel are the biggest stocks from the tech sector. The highest yielding stocks come from the oil and gas pipeline industry.

Below is a current stock list of dividend stocks (common shares, preferred shares and American Depositary Receipts – ADR’s), paying forthcoming dividends and having their ex-dividend August 03, 2015 – August 09, 2015. The average dividend-yield amounts to 4.32 percent.

These S&P 500 Stocks Created The Highest Shareholder Return Over The Past 25 Years

The S&P 500 had total returns of 7.2% a year over the last 25 years. At this rate, the S&P 500 doubled investor wealth every 10 years.

Investors often think of dividend stocks as stodgy slow growers that offer current income but little in the way of capital appreciation. This is often not the case.

In fact, if you look at the top 15 dividend stocks of the past 25 years, you'll see that even the worst of them way outperforms the market.

To find the 15 best-performing dividend stocks of the last 25 years, we reviewed the dividend history of all dividend-paying stocks in the S&P 500. Businesses that paid dividends from 1990 through 2015 without missing more than one year were included as dividend stocks.

Here are the 15 best stocks from the large index with the highest total return of the past 25 years.

11 Stocks That Make Private Investors To Millionaires And Pay Dividends

Long-term buy-and-hold stock investments can make investors rich. All you need is to be disciplined, have patience and a bit of luck. 

The trick to making big money is to pick stocks that grow earnings and dividends year after year and be patient. For sure not every stock created million out of 10 thousand bucks but the possibility is much higher than betting or gambling.

The good thing by investing money into quality stocks is that you could receive a good return. It means that you keep your money alive if you don't have a ten bagger.

Today I like to show you those stocks that make normal investors to millionaires over decades. That's a pretty amazing strategy. Buy and hold stocks and get paid off while you have done nothing.

At the bottom of this article is a table of 13 stocks each of which turned a $10,000 investment into millions of dollars.

These are the dividend paying results...

8 Best Stocks For The Long-Run While You Are On Holiday

Once a great opportunity has presented itself – and you’ve purchased the stock – what do you do? The answer is at once incredibly simple and incredibly difficult to follow: Do nothing.

Doing nothing is a core principle of both dividend growth investing and the Buffett-Munger approach to buying high quality businesses trading at fair or better prices. When you buy a high quality business, all you have to do is sit back and let it compound your wealth.

The truth is, it is hard to do nothing. It is easier to buy and sell stocks. All of the activity gives us the illusion that we are in control. In reality, doing less in investing is being in control. It is much easier to sleep at night knowing you are invested in high quality businesses that you are comfortable holding for the long run.

Attached are 8 Do-Nothing stocks that offer in my view a solid fundament for further research while still paying solid dividends. High yielding Do-Nothing stocks are very rare.

These are the results:

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