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These 20 Stocks Serve The Most Cash Reserves

Stocks with a high level of cash are better positioned in my view. They have enough room to think about growth opportunities and don't need to manage their debt.

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Cisco and Oracle had amassed $504bn of cash by the end of 2015, nearly a third of the total $1.7tn held on the balance sheets of US non-financial companies, according to a new report from rating agency Moody’s. The top 50 holders accounted for $1.1tn of that amount.

These are the 20 most cash-rich companies on the us stock market...

5 Stocks With Big Dividend Yields And Annual Returns Over 10%

For dividend investors, its nice to have stocks that offer attractive yields, but it is also important to select stocks that do not lose value over the course of time.

Stocks that lose value are more likely to cut or suspend dividends in the future, and a loss of price appreciation can really affect the overall performance of a portfolio.

The stocks I'm going to review in this article offer solid yields (3% or better) and have averaged double digit returns over the past decade.

These are the results I'm talking about...

What Hedgefund Managers Buy And Sell: Facebook In - Apple Out

Recently, the quarterly SEC disclosures hit that give us a peek into the activities of the world’s best billionaire hedge fund managers. 

Now, 13-F filings provide a ton of information, but you have to know exactly what to look for to make these filings useful. 

Waren Buffett also published his latest buys and sells. Buffett is long on Apple. Check out his latest dividend stock buys here.

With that being said here is what caught my eye from the holdings of the world’s best billionaire hedge fund managers:

25 Safe High-Yield Dividends From The Russell 2000

Income investors are seeking for growth, high yields and stability in dividend payments.

The major indices like S&P 500 or Dow Jones summarize a lot of high-quality stocks at a high level of safeness.

But most of the stocks are also highly valuated while sales growth is only modest.

If we look at the bigger brother, we come back to Russell 2000. The Russell 3000 Index comprises the companies in the large-cap Russell 1000 Index and the small-cap Russell 2000 names. 

Attached you will find the 100 largest (by market cap) stocks in the Russell 3000 for dividends to find the 25 highest-yielding names. 

Here are the 25 Best Yielding stocks from the Russell 2000...

7 High Yielding Dividend Stocks With Reliable Dividends

In a world in which savings accounts yield practically nothing and the 10-year Treasury yields less than 2%, it might seem to be.

But if you’re willing to take some of the ups and downs of the stock market, there is still plenty of income to be found in dividend stocks.

Sure, the S&P 500’s dividend yield is only 2.1% at today’s prices, not a whole lot better than what you’d find in the bond market.

But year to date through March, the stocks making up the S&P 500 collectively boosted their dividend payments by 7.5%.

And dividends had been growing at a healthy double-digit clip for the previous five years. So, while stock prices bounce around a lot more than bond prices, dividend stocks are your best bet if it’s income you’re after.

Attached you can find 7 top yielding stocks with a reliably dividend payment and solid growth you can count on for your asset allocation.

Here are the results....