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10 S&P Stocks With The Lowest Cash To Debt Ratios

Apple has tons of cash, right, but the technology giant also owns massive debt. 

If you subtract those burdens from the cash account, you see that Apples cash is much smaller as many might think. A useful way to evalueate this problem is to calculate the cash-to-debt ratio.

Cash To Debt Ratio compares a company's operating cash flow to its total debt, which, for purposes of this ratio, is defined as the sum of short-term borrowings, the current portion of long-term debt and long-term debt. 

This ratio provides an indication of a company's ability to cover total debt with its yearly cash flow from operations. The higher the percentage ratio, the better the company's ability to carry its total debt.

Attached I've made the effort to select those stocks from the S&P 500 with the lowest cash to debt ratio

These are the 10 stocks with the lowest ratio...

5 Great Dividend Stocks With Top-Shelf Management And Solid Financials

Market whims and whispers can cause stocks to trade violently in the short term, but strong companies with top-shelf management and rock-solid financials can deliver returns that trounce the market long term.

Because investing for longer periods has proven to outperform shorter periods of trading in and out of stocks, we asked us to give us their best ideas of stocks to buy in multi-decade portfolios.

These are the five stocks that came in our minds...

These Dividend Stocks Are The Biggest Losers Of The #Brexit

The Leave campaign in the UK generated big shock waves on the capital market, especially banks, financial provider, insurer and exporters to the UK lost. Also on the sell-off list were foreign companies with a big footprint in the UK market.

Today I like to show you those dividend paying stocks that lost the most after the first sell-off on the market.

Today the markets look to calm down but we don't know what will happened in the next days.

In my view, the Brexit effects on the market are only short-term and driven by forex markets.

Here are the biggest losers by one-week performance...

Energy Dividend Dogs As Of June 2016

Energy Dividend Dogs As Of June 2016; Source: Seeking Alpha

6 High-Quality Dividend Bargains For High-Income Investors

Retirees want their portfolios to provide safe, consistent, reliable income that grows faster than the pace of inflation. 

Retirees want investments that will protect their nest egg, allow them to sleep easy at night, and provide steady income. Dividend stocks perfectly match retirement investor needs. 

Dividend stocks can also lead to early retirement. Investing in high quality dividend growth stocks provides retirees with consistent, reliable, growing dividend income. But… Not all dividend stocks are created equal. Some are high risk – high yield stocks. 

They can be appealing to retirees, but they are dangerous. The last thing you need in retirement is for your nest egg to get scrambled. Other dividend stocks have fantastic growth potential and a high degree of safety – but have very low yields.

From time to time, stocks go on sale. Over the last year, the S&P 500 has remained roughly unchanged, even as the business of many companies has improved.

For that reason, investors looking for a bargain have many stocks to choose from. Let's take a look at six promising companies trading at modest valuations.

These are my ideas...