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A List Of The Top Dividend Payer From The Nasdaq 100

You might not think of “Nasdaq” as synonymous with big dividends. The Nasdaq Composite index, which essentially consists of every domestic and foreign stock that trades on the exchange, has long been heavy on technology. 

And technology companies have historically shown a bias for reinvesting their profits to finance future growth, rather than returning cash to shareholders. None of the FANGs — Facebook (symbol FB), (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOGL), now called Alphabet — pays a dividend but delivered one of the best returns in the past decade.

But dividends could give you a small hedge if a new game changer destroys the business model.
If you own a great Amazon or Facebook for a decade and you don't get money from them, you might be happy for a while if your stock positing skyrocked but what if your investment comes back to your initial investment amount? Right, you have nothing earned. That's the reason why dividends matter.

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