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Best Dividend Paying Stock List As Of October 2010

Here is a current dividend list (from zero-yield to high-yield paying stocks) of the 30 biggest stocks measured in market capitalization. Companies traded at AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ and part of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 as well as Nasdaq Composite. Date is 2010-10-01. The list is selected by the following criteria’s:

Market capitalization:                   > 1 Million
Price/Earnings Ratio:                      > 0 < 30
Dividend Yield:                                   > 0 < 20
Return on Investment:                  > 0 < 100
Net Profit Margin:                             > 0 < 100
10 Year Revenue Growth:           > 0 < 200
10 Year EPS Growth:                       > 0 < 100

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