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12 Undervalued Dividend Stocks With Low Debt

12 Low-Debt Dividend Stocks Undervalued by Target Price By Kapitall. We ran a screen on low-debt dividend stocks, with most recent quarter total debt to assets below 0.20 and paying a dividend yield above 2%. We also controlled for sustainable payout ratios below 35%. We then screened for those trading at significant discounts relative to target price, possibly indicating undervalued opportunities.

Here are the results:

1. Methode Electronics (MEI)
Dividend yield at 2.64%

2. The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK)
Dividend yield at 2.09%

3. Meredith Corp. (MDP)
Dividend yield at 3.47%

4. CNOOC Ltd. (CEO)
Dividend yield at 2.06%

5. Artio Global Investors (ART)
Dividend yield at 2.31%

6. Protective Life (PL)
Dividend yield at 2.48%

7. Applied Materials (AMAT)
Dividend yield at 2.53%

8. The Allstate Corporation (ALL)
Dividend yield at 2.97%

9. Autoliv (ALV)
Dividend yield at 2.47%

10. Maiden Holdings (MHLD)
Dividend yield at 2.96%

11. Selective Insurance Group (SIGI)
Dividend yield at 3.15%

12. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)
Dividend yield at 2.37%

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Source: Seeking Alpha

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