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Stocks For The Next Decade Each Safe Haven Investor Need To Know

When it comes to times of uncertainty and volatility, nothing beats safe haven stocks. What are they? They are dividend stocks with high yields and minimal risk as compared to other stocks.

You might have noticed that the federal banks flooding the markets with cheap money and investors started to get greedy by taking more and more debt to buy stocks higher and bonds extraordinary higher.

Those times come to an end if rates rise or something else crosses like weak economic data. This time, the strong dollar could bring the rally to an end.

Today I like to show you 13 stocks with cheap price ratios and an extremely stable business model that can resist the greatest market storm. It does not mean that the stock price goes down but with every recession those stocks become stronger and stronger.

These are my ideas. What do you guess?

5 Best Stocks For Retirement Investors (Yield And Value)

If you are in retirement, it’s important to have multiple income streams, such as Social Security and savings and investments you built up on your own. For the lucky, there are pensions, but those are fast disappearing. Investing in stocks that pay a dividend is another way to generate income while you're in retirement.

Dividend stocks offer investors an attractive alternative to traditional fixed-income investments. Dividend-paying stocks have the potential to generate income in two ways: first, through the regular dividend payment, and second, through potential appreciation of the stock price itself. Investors can expect to receive an annual dividend ranging from 2.5 percent to 3 percent of the stock’s value.

Below is a selection of stocks with solid yields that could be interesting for traders and investors.

Here are the detailed results...

10 Of The Most Promising Dow Jones Stocks

Today I've tried to find a particular type of equity from the Dow Jones Index: high-quality dividend growth stocks with strong competitive advantages suitable for long-term investors.

These stocks have a mix of a low price-to-earnings ratio, high dividend yield, low stock-price-volatility, and high growth rate.

The Dow Jones is one of the top indices in the world and covers the biggest dividend paying stocks. It's the real american capitalism.

My criteria also included the following onces:

- Total return
- Payout ratio
- Dividend yield
- Historical growth rate
- Price-to-earnings ratio
- Stock price standard deviation and beta ratio

Here are the results from the latest screen. Which do you like?

8 Attractive Looking Dividend Growth Companies

The recent small sell-off gave me an opportunity to look at the current dividend achievers lists; those also include lists of Champions, Contenders and Aristocrats.

I've looked for cheap opportunities with a solid growing business. ACE and TROW were both stocks that cached my thoughts in the recent days. For sure, their yields stand only at 2.54 and 2.67 percent as well but remember that they pay only a small amount of money to shareholders while the business models enables it to pay much more.

ACE also started to buy bigger amounts of own shares. That's fantastic because in the past, they thrown only shares on the market to finance growth.

TROW paid a special dividend earlier this year but still has enough capability to raise dividends in the future. The current payout is only around 40 percent with no debt on balance sheets.

Here are the top picks from my screening results. Which do you like?

19 Cheap High-Yielding Large Caps

Income investors with need for a high recurring income should look for stocks with high dividend paying stocks.

Today I like to introduce those companies with a market capitalization over 10 billion that pay dividends over 5 percent yearly. In addition, the companies should have a forward P/E of less than 15.

Only 19 companies do so for the time beeing which you can find in the attached list. That's not much compared to the numbers of the recent years but should a result of the monetary money printing and low interest area.

Here are some of my top picks...

8 Small Cap Dividend Growth Stocks Warren Buffett Would Love

Today I'd like to share small-capstocks with businesses that are both understandable and durable, but trade at prices I personally deem too high. All businesses have traits Buffett would love: durable brands, strong competitive positions, and low-cost advantages. If Mr. Market gives me a deal, I'll be buying shares of each with both hands.

The fascinating thing about low market valuations is that the company can grow at a faster pace because their current market potential seems to be enormous.

The bad thing about those stocks is that they offer a higher risk. However, let's try the screen and face the facts.

Here are the results:

10 U.K. High-Quality Dividend Stocks With Free Cashflow Yields Over 4%

High quality investments existing all over the world but the most of them can be found on the mother country of capitalism, United States.

Asset prices have grown into unbelievable dimensions due to the expansive monetary policy. In addition, the dollar was also on the strong pace.

It does make sense to look for high-quality investments abroad if you believe that the current assets in the USA are overpriced in average.

Today, I like to give an overview about some high-yielders in terms of free cash flow from the UK. In addition, those stocks pay solid dividends with room to grow them for years.

These are the results....

7 Cheap International Dividend Stocks

I've found a new screener who selects stocks by several criteria and is more forward looking and more international. The database is from Reuters in my view but I'm not sure about that.

However, I run several screens based on yield and valuation ratios. Today I like to show you the cheapest stocks with top yields from the international market.

I've also included business stability measures into the screen. Below are the top results with a market capitalization of more than 10 billion USD. Which do you like?

These are the results...

9 International Dividend Dogs With Upside Potential

While the domestic stock market is getting hotter and hotter, internationals look cheaper.

I've written in the past about stock opportunities from abroad and like to go forward with this theme today.

Below are 9 international dividend dogs with attractive fundamentals for income investors. Which do you like?

You also may like: 4 Great Dividend Value Picks From The Old Country

9 international dividend dogs are....

4 Safe High-Yielding Stocks To Consider

Safety comes first, that's also one of my rules when I started to invest money into the stock market. I believe that it gives you a solid return to avoid the big risks because each loss you don't need is also a gain you don't need to catch by taking higher risks.

Growth is just as important. Investors in or near requirement should demand their investments grow dividend income at least as fast as inflation - and hopefully much faster. This gives you a boost in your standard of living each year.

Today I like to introduce 4 stocks with a large dividend growth history (more than 30 years that give investors a solid ground to invest.

Each of these businesses also has maintained a growth rate higher than the inflation rate for the last several years and has a dividend yield 3% or higher. These high yield stocks should provide income now and growth for future income. 

They all have exceptionally low stock price standard deviations. These 3 businesses also have strong competitive advantages that insulate them from the worst effects of recessions. In short, these are 4 high quality businesses that score high marks for safety.

These are the results:

Warren Buffett Buys Surprisingly These 8 Dividend Stocks

Warren Buffett is one of the most respected investors on the market at current times.

He created a massive portfolio in his life which is worth around $107 billion. Recently, Warren announced his latest stock buys and sells during the past quarter. 

His moves are watched closely because value and dividend growth investors try to catch a new idea from his thoughts and strategic buys and sells.

During the past quarter, Warren bought eight stocks and reduced seven positions. He did not close a full position or initiated a new.

The biggest acquisition by value was Wells Fargo, followed by Visa. Most of his stock increases had a P/E of less than 15 and pay a dividend.

These are the latest dividend stock buys from Warren Buffett from Q1/2015...

5 Fairly Priced Dividend Stocks With Deep Values

Dividend investors need an attractive purchase price in order to realize a solid return for the future.

The market valuations skyrocket and let it become difficult to find cheaply valuated dividend stocks with deep values that might give you a margin of safety.

While this list cannot contain all dividend value stocks, it contains most of my favorites that I believe carry a good combination of value, yield, and upside.

Below are five picks that might be interesting some of the criteria. Which do you like?

5 Fairly Priced Dividend Stocks With Deep Values are....

7 Of The Most Underestimated Dividend Stocks

It's hard to define a solid investing criterion which could bring you solid gains while excluding the big risks. 

I personally believe in dividends as a safe haven criteria because cash you have received in the past could compensate a potential loss. 

For sure, this is not a good return driver, especially when we are talking about yields of 1-2 percent yearly, but each penny sums to dollars if you compile enough of them.

Today I run my daily screen about cheap dividend paying stocks with double-digit earnings growth forecasts for the next five years. 

In addition, the stocks have a very comfortable debt situation, measured by a debt-to-equity ratio of less than 0.5.

These are my favorites from the screening results:

Dogs Of The Dow Jones: These Are The Cheapest Index Members

In the past, I've written more about cheap stocks. Due to the current market situation, there is a huge problem to discover cheap stocks. Today we classify stocks with a P/E multiple of less than 20 as cheap.

That's a risky way. Your expected yield will not be high but in the current situation, it's the cheapest play in the market.

Today I like to talk about the good old Dogs of the Dow Theory. Those are the 10 cheapest stocks of the Dow Jones index.

These are the results in detail:

5 Top Picks From The Safe Heaven Large Cap Screen

Security is a big point when you start to invest money and trying to build wealth with dividend stocks. The reason is simple: Each loss you create doesn’t need to be compensated by a capital gain.

There are several methods to scout for low risk stocks. A very popular way is to look at ratios like Beta or the volatility.

Today I run my safe heaven large cap screen by stocks with the highest dividend yields and beta ratios under one. In addition, the debt is lower than the equity. 

Attached are the 20 top yielding stocks

These are the 5 top yielding results in detail. Which do you like?

The 5 Best Dividend Champion By Fundamentals Right Now!

Fundamental investors look for good investments via balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements as well.

They run a screen over the market and get results which stocks look attractively on current prices. This method has some lags, for sure but it could also deliver new ideas.

Today I've run my Dividend Champions database by stocks with cheap fundamentals, low valuations and decent earnings growth over the mid-terms.

5 stocks fulfilled my criteria. Which do you like?

These are the results:

5 Highest Dividend Paying With The Cheapest Growth-To-Price Ratio

Are you looking for stocks that grow faster than the market and trading at a lower valuation? 

This sounds like a crazy valuation right? ... but it isn't!

Morgan Stanley has discovered stocks that are trading at a discount to the broader market and also expected to grow at an above-average rate.

Below are five of the highest yielding dividend stocks from the list. Which do you like? Please let me know.

These are the 5 Top dividend paying results:

10 High-Yielding Small Caps For A Portfolio Return Boost

I'm a big fan of large capitalized stocks because most of them offer a huge diversification. But the great lack of bigger companies is that they do not grow at a fast pace. I'm not talking about Apple, those are exceptions.

The reason is simple: A company with a market cap of $500 million will simply have more room to grow than a company with a market cap of $50 billion. If it makes it to $1 billion, and you've invested, you double your money; if the large cap company adds $500 million to its market cap, you've only made 1%.

Today I would like to introduce 10 stocks with a yield higher than 3 percent and P/E valuations in an acceptable area while the market capitalization doesn’t reach the 2 billion levels.

These are my results:

The Highest Yielding Picks From Goldman Sachs 40 Cheapest Stocks List

The big guys and professionals must know it better because they spent more time and money on their research. As a result from its work, Goldman Sachs recently announced a list with the cheapest stocks investors should consider.

The firm has analysts who are highly ranked, as well as some who are ranked behind their analyst peers. Still, Goldman Sachs only caters to wealthy individuals and to institutional investors. 

Now the firm has released its list of “cheapest stocks” right now. This list is based solely upon the projected upside to the firm’s price target versus the current share price.

I don't care much of those lists because they are so long that I get tears in my eyes. Below are the highest yielding picks from Goldman's cheapest stocks list. Which do you like?

4 Dividend Payer With 10% Yields And Promising Fundamentals

Big dividends are dead? No, I don't think so. Despite the fact that the FED and other national banks killed the interest rates, there are still high and stable dividend payments.

Today I like to focus my thoughts on higher risk stocks with bigger dividends. Those stocks have a really low market capitalization, a high payout ratio and cheap valuation. 

As a result, dividend yield ratios explode. Attached is a list of the top 20 results by yield who met my criteria.

These are my criteria in detail:
- Market Cap over $300 million
- Positive 5Y Earnings Growth Forecast
- Low Forward P/E
- Debt/Equity under 0.5
- Buy Rating from Analysts

These are the 5 top yielding results...