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3 Largest Producers Of Diabetes Care Products With Good Dividend Yields

3 Dividend Paying Pharma Stocks That Will Profit Off of Rising Obesity Rate By Power Hedge. It is a fact that obese people require more healthcare services and have higher healthcare costs than the average person. The United States currently spends approximately 16% of its GDP on healthcare and the continued expansion of the obesity epidemic will likely swell this further. This is not a good trend for either consumers or for governments.

There is, however, one group that can benefit from this trend. I have already mentioned the link between obesity and maladies such as heart disease and diabetes. Companies that provide products that treat these conditions will be the beneficiaries of the aforementioned increased healthcare spending.

These are three largest producers of diabetes-care products:

Novo Nordisk (NVO), 1.51% yield

Eli Lilly (LLY), 5.11% yield

Sanofi (SNY), 3.49% yield

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Source: Seeking Alpha

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