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Best Yielding Dividend Stocks From Brazil

Best Yielding Brazil ADR Dividend Stocks by Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Here is a current sheet of Brazil dividend stocks with a yield of more than 3 percent. All companies are listed at one American stock exchange. Out there are 25 companies with positive dividends of which 11 yielding above 3 percent.

Here is the table with some fundamentals:
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Best Yielding Dividend Stocks From Brazil (Click to enlarge)
Take a closer look at the full table of best yielding brazil stocks. The average price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) amounts to 12.4 while the forward price to earnings ratio is 16.1. The dividend yield has a value of 5.2 percent. Price to book ratio is 2.9 and price to sales ratio 1.6. The operating margin amounts to 8.8 percent.

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