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The Dividend Weekly 44/2012 As Free PDF Is For Download Available

Below the current Dividend Weekly, a weekly yield and performance report of the world's best dividend paying stocks. Find on over 30 pages the best and highest dividend yields wordwide. The report is available as free PDF download.

The Dividend Weekly is a weekly published Fact Book with focus on dividend stocks. With this book, investors get a full overview of major leaders and laggards. In addition, they get a feeling of which dividend stocks are popular and which ones are the best investment opportunities in markets that are going up and down.

The book has the following items:

- Best 1-Week Performing Dividend Stocks
- Best Dividend Stocks Year-To-Date
- Best Yielding Stocks At New Highs
- Most Recommended Dividend Stocks
- Overbought Dividend Stocks
- Most Shorted Dividend Stocks
- Best Dividend Aristocrats in Canada and USA
- Stocks With Dividend Growth From Last Week
- Best Yielding Stocks From the World's Leading Stock Exchanges and Indices

Here is the full book for free:


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