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How To Invest $15,000 In The Stock Market

A reader of my blog asks me for help by investing 15k of his money. Here is his question:

“I am a Canadian beginner, 56 years old, 29 years with the Federal Govt. I want to retire next year. I have $15K to start, and I don't know where to start...what would you recommend? Right now I have $5K CP, $5K CNR, $1K Sprint...and they are just not doing much right now.

Another question: If Sprint is bought by DISH, will the stock go up, or cease to exist and I would loose my holding? I am holding approx $1000. at $7.15 per share. I don't want to loose my investment to stupidity...Thanks again for your time.

My first thought is that 15k is enough to start investing. I also started to buy stocks with a similar amount in EUR. Ten years later my net worth developed to a six-figure amount and I’ve received a total dividend amount of more than 30k.

My second thought to your current holdings is that they are not really diversified. You have a strong focus on value. Canadian Railways stock could deliver a great stability for your portfolio but with only 3 holdings and 4k of cash it’s hard to make money if you have only two bets. $CNR has good fundamentals and the stock price follows. Canadian Pacific Railway $CP grows dividends but the earnings go down. The stock price explodes. Sprint Nextel $S received a bid from $DISH – They will be off. All have in common that they are infrastructure bets and deeply integrated within the economy and they all have a very low dividend yield. Infrastructure is a very capital intensive business and also very inflexible.

To your second question: You will receive cash in exchange for your Sprint shares if the deal passes through. DISH offers $7 per Sprint share.

I would recommend to increase your bets when the time is right to invest. If you have a cheap broker you can build a better portfolio by owing more stocks with a lower value. Some offer a $1 trade commission. It’s hard to make money and with 15k and a solid return of 8 percent coul result in $1,200 capital income per year of which $450 could be dividends, calculated on a 3% dividend yield. All you need is to be disciplined and diversified.

Below is a nice graphic about how to buy stocks and build a dividend portfolio with only $5,000.

How to Start a Dividend Portfolio Source:

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Happy Investing!
Tom Roberts