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These Dow Jones 30 Stocks Offer The Highest Yields In 2016

The following list contains all of the Dow 30 stocks. These stocks are among the most popular and widely held stocks in the world, as they are considered some of the most solid "blue chip" stocks on the market. 

Stocks from the Dow Jones seems to be less volatile due a bigger risk diversification but this means also that you give a part of your return away.

I don't tell that Dow Jones stocks are the best way to generate a profit. If you buy all index members, your return will be the same as the overall market. 

In addition, each variance from the index constitution will generate an under or outperformance. Dividend payments play an important role in the return calculation. Around 30 to 50 percent of the total returns should be attributable to dividend payments.

Recently, I wrote about the best yielding stocks from the technology and growth index Nasdaq 100. 

Today I like to show you the highest expected yields from the Dow Jones 30 index.

Here are the highest dividend-yielding stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, sorted by dividend yield from highest to lowest...

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