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20 Cashflow Strong Stocks With 3.5% to 12.8% Dividend Yields And Potential To Hike

Investors love dividend stocks, even during times of turmoil. Some focus on current income, while others track the correlation between dividend increases and outperformance. 

Cash flow is a key issue in investing. It's in my view a better view on the earnings power of a company. Even better is the free cash flow, that's the amount of operating cash ex capital spending.

Those amounts of money could fully used for dividends, investment (Mergers, Acquisitions), share buybacks and more.

As a follow-up to our look at companies with high free cash flow that could be used to raise dividends, we decided to take a broader and simpler approach to list dividend stocks favored the most by analysts.

Analysts say a lot about stocks and often they are wrong with their opinion. Don't put too much trust in their work. The do the same as you, simple desk research and often your results will be better.

Here are the results...

20 Cashflow Strong Stocks (click to enlarge)
Source: Marketwatch, FactSet

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  1. Will invest for long term. Will perform review of companies & others.


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