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17 Top Yielding Value Small Cap Bargains

It has been almost 7 years of growth and momentum leading the value in returns. This year we have seen significant capital move out of growth and into value. Value stocks are now getting back in favor.

If you are an investor seeking great value investments but you are not fully confident of buying small caps, you should consider mid cap stocks. 

These tend to show up more undervalued opportunities than large caps and the companies are generally better understood and more stable then smaller companies. 

Mid cap stocks should also be less volatile. In this screen, I have stayed under a P/E ratio of 9 and a book value greater than the market value. 

In addition, each of the stocks should have a solid capital finance ratio. The debt-to-equity ratio should therefore be under 1 while the company is profitable due to a positive return on asset.

Finally only growth makes sense in my view. That's also the reason why I'm looking for a positive 5-year earnings per share growth.

Most of these companies also pay great dividends which is always an attractive quality in a value stock. Mid cap stocks with good dividends that you can buy for cheap right now, what is not to like!

Here are the results...

17 Top Yielding Value Small Cap Bargains (click to enlarge)

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  1. John A4/06/2016


    Loved your post. I like to learn about computers and people involved in Stocks and their journey of how they get involved, what they learned in starting months and so on.

    Would be a regular visitor of your blog now onwards.


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