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20 Highest Yielding Asian ADR's

The search for yield is increasingly difficult, with interest rates around the world now close to record lows. This could push investors toward Asian high dividend stocks.

I recently started looking more closely at Asian ADRs I know well. Many names have come up enough, or have increased their dividend payout enough, that they may now be attractive to US investors looking for yield. 

These yields are, in most cases, a bit lower than what one would find in the US. However, I think they possess some advantages from which an investor looking for a high-yield portfolio of securities might benefit.

Investors should still remain selective in the Asian high dividend space, focusing on those with stable cash flow and a track record of sustainable dividends. Within traditional Asian high dividend sectors, I like Singapore and Hong Kong real estate investment trusts, and select telecom stocks.

Attached you will find a selection of the highest yielding, higher capitalized Asian dividend stocks, listed as a ADR. 

Here are the results...

20 Higest Yielding Asian ADR's Listed On An American Market
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