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20 High-Yield Stocks With Low Beta Ratios

The market’s had its ups and downs this year, but there is sure to be more volatility ahead of us in 2017. There is a lot of speculation over the health of the global economy. Will China keep falling behind growth expectations? Will the high market valuation cause a short-term sell off?

As long as the market has big questions with no concrete answers, there is sure to be more volatility ahead of us. When the global environment is uncertain, it is wise to reduce your market exposure by picking up some low beta stocks. Stocks with a low beta tend to see a lower magnitude of price changes compared to the broader market.

The secret sauce behind high performance is low volatility. Stock portfolios built with low beta stocks tend to outperform high-beta growth stocks. And you sleep at night without having to worry about big swings in the market.

It is foolish to assume that taking on more risk will produce higher returns. We all want the sure thing in business with no risk, but this is nearly impossible to find. But it possible to find low-beta stocks with steadily rising dividends or high dividends. I've done some research in order to find the best high-yield dividend stocks with low beta ratios.

These 20 stocks have high yields at low beta ratios...

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