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The Best Opportunities From The Retail Sector

Physical retailers took it on the chin last year. The retail industry is being disrupted at a rapid pace, due to a shift in consumer buying preferences.

Shopping malls are losing a great deal of customer traffic to online retailers like Amazon and others. Internet retailers often have the same products for lower prices, all while offering consumers the convenience of shopping at home.

This has taken a steep toll on share prices of brick-and-mortar retailers, particularly those that rely on shopping malls.

Although it might seem like Amazon is unstoppable, there are still physical retailers that remain highly profitable. Many of them are aggressively investing in e-commerce to fight back against Amazon and internet retail more broadly.

This could set the stage for a retail rebound in 2017…or not?

With that in mind, the following 7 retail stocks are cheap, generate solid profits, and offer high dividend yields to boot.


  1. After Kohl's (KSS) recent share price drop, I picked up some for myself. I got it at a nice 4.8% dividend yield.

  2. I have been thinking about adding to my position in Target so that I can lower my cost basis.

    There are a lot of good opportunities in the retail sector right now.

  3. I don't know about retail as a whole. I think it could be a decent short term play but long term, I'm just not all that interested. I probably like target the most of the bunch but would still need to see it drop a bit more to be interested.


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