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Warren Buffett's Latest Statement To The US Economy On Video

Here is an Interview of Warren Buffet who spoke via telephone conference at the Montana Economic Development Summit as of September 13-14, 2010. Since 1995, the Montana Economic Development Summits have been held every three years as a forum to spark innovation and promote economic growth in Montana.

Warren Buffett guess that the American economy is not going to have a double-dip recession. “America is coming back - it always comes back," he said. "Never sell America short; the best is yet to come." These sentences were right for the past. But we see that the Americans losing steady market share to emerging markets, especially to China. More and more wealth is transferred to China. What happens if China’s population and economy is getting more independence from the rest of the world?
How do you think about his view?

Here is the complete conference video of Warren Buffett’s interview…

Part I

Part II

Part III