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8 Biggest Players In Education And Training Services

Here is a current sheet of the biggest players within the education and training services industry, which has been shifting in recent years as more for-profit universities and online graduate school programs enter the scene. The whole industry has a total market capitalization of USD 169 billion. In average, companies in this segment pay 1.6 percent dividend yield and have a P/E ratio of 14.5. All stocks from the biggest players list have a market capitalization of more than USD 1 billion. In total, 35 stocks are listed on America's stock exchanges.

The average P/E ratio is 20.91 while the average dividend yield amounts to 1.89 percent. Price to book ratio is 12.17 and price to sales ratio 4.67. The average operating margin amounts to 22.73 percent. Stocks are traded at AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ as well as being part of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or Nasdaq Composite.

Here is the table of the biggest players within the education and training services industry with some fundamentals:
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Biggest Education And Training Services Stocks (Click to enlarge)

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