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Warren Buffett Buys Lubrizol? Some More Ideas From the Industry!

As of March 14, 2010, Warren Buffett announced a takeover bid for Lubrizol. The total amount of the transaction is USD 9.7 billion, representing a premium of USD 27.7 percent of the latest Lubrizol stock price. The company has two segments: Additives as well as Advanced Materials. The products of Lubrizol are used in sporting goods, medical products as well as in the automotive industry. However, Buffett has a good taste to find stocks with good economic perspectives. Here is a sheet of 6 additional stocks acting within the same industry as Lubrizol and having similar fundamentals.

The average dividend yield of Lubrizol’s peer amounts to 1.57 percent while the average P/E ratio is calculated at 16.64. Price to book ratio is 3.88 and price to sales ratio 1.73. The average operating margin amounts 15.97 percent; net profit margin amounts to 10.66 percent. Total debt to assets ratio is 23.24.

Here is the table of Lubrizol‘s Peer:
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