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Are Penny Stocks A Good Pursuit For A Novice Investor? - My Thoughts About Penny Stocks

I’ve received a mail on my Facebook page from one of my readers. Here is his question:

“What are Penny Stocks? Would they be a good pursuit for a novice investor like me? 
Thank you for your advice”

Penny stocks are shares of small public companies that trade at low prices per share. Most of them have a damaged business model. In the United States, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) defines a penny stock as a security that trades below $5 per share, is not listed on a national exchange, and fails to meet other specific criteria.

Some investors make money with penny stocks by buying and promoting them. Because of the low trading volume, a few new purchasers are enough to boost the stock price. That’s a very unfair and illegal method. The SEC discovers and punishes such activities.

A second possibility to make money with penny stocks is reasonable to the low stock price. You can easily buy 10k or 50k of the stock capital. If your stock moves 1 cent up, you have a gain of $500.

For me is this no argument. Today we have real great leveraged alternatives like ETFs, CFDs, derivatives or options. With these tools, you can build your own leverage with the right underlying. It’s in my view safer and better way to leverage your return.

Finally, the third way to make money is to tell people how to make money with penny stocks. It’s a classical way to sell newsletters, research products, stock tips and so on. For me is this real trash. The biggest player in selling that bullshit is Timothy Sykes. He sells his life story and the dream to get rich with penny stocks. But his real money he made was with selling penny stock alerts, DVDs, etc. – In total a value close to a six-figure amount per month!

I would not recommend you to trade penny stocks or even to buy such newsletters or products that show you how you can make money with stock trading. It’s very dangerous and in the end you are alone responsible for your return – nobody else.

Keep in mind that some investors want to make money with you. It’s like playing online poker. The better informed and longer playing guys make money by fleecing the new ones and unknown investors.

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Happy Investing!