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Stay Away From These 25 Stocks When The Fed Hikes Rates

Companies with variable/floating-rate debt are more immediately impacted (negatively) by a rate hike than companies with fixed rate debt.

It's easy to understand that a corporate with high debt and rising rates should lose earnings in the end. Attached you can find a list of companies that may lose values due to a soon rate hike.

I'm not a fan of highly leveraged companies. I know the hefty disadvantages from a debt burden but sometimes there could be some advantages appear. Just remember the tax benefits you should gain or return boosts due to a higher leverage.

Also interesting was the development from ABInbev. Those shares fall like a stone during the financial crisis in 2008/2009. After the freefall, when they found their bottom, they created massive values for investors with risk appetite.

It’s not always bad to invest into companies with a high leverage. You must consider each investment isolated.

Sometimes, when the underlying business is stable, you should find a real investment opportunity.

Attached is a small list of stocks that may offer a higher risk when the rates start to rise.

Here is the list...

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