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The Best Dividend Yields From Mexican Stocks - #CONCENTRADORA #PROLOGIS #NEMAK

The Best Dividend Yields From Mexican Stocks are listed below. For a small donation to our blog here, you will get the full excel data of from ALL Mexican Stocks with more fundamentals.

Company Dividend N Dividend N+1 Yield N Yield N+1 Mcap in M$
CONCENTRADORA HIPOTECARIA SAPI D.. MXN 2.1 2.14 11.63% 11.85% 402
FIBRA SHOP PRTFLS INMB SAPI CV MXN 1.04 0.98 10.47% 9.87% 269
FIBRA HOTEL MXN 1.22 1.31 9.97% 10.69% 535
CI BANCO SA INSTCN DE BNC MLTPL .. MXN 2.71 2.67 9.56% 9.39% 1 174
ADMINISTRADORA DE ACTIVOS FIBRA .. MXN 1.03 0.97 8.94% 8.38% 382
FIBRA MTY SAPI DE CV MXN 1.05 1.08 8.77% 9.02% 401
FIBRA UNO ADMINISTRACION SA DE C.. MXN 2.17 2.29 8.18% 8.65% 5 336
MACQUARIE MEXICO REAL ESTATE MGT.. MXN 1.62 1.63 7.70% 7.74% 861
CONCENTRADORA FIBRA DANHOS SA DE.. MXN 2.42 2.51 7.53% 7.82% 2 365
PROLOGIS PROPERTY MEXICO SA DE C.. MXN 2.35 2.59 6.23% 6.87% 1 252
NEMAK SAB DE CV MXN 0.91 0.83 5.71% 5.26% 2 588
CORPORACION INMOBILIARIA VESTA S.. MXN 0.08 0.08 5.00% 5.05% 940

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Here is a view of the content tables:

Thank you very much for your help. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. It's a great pleasure!!!