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Five Dividend Stocks For A Slowing U.S. Economy

Companies with strong balance sheets and high dividends will end up as one of the few safe harbors for investors if the economy continues to cool. It is hard to imagine how the recent stock market rally can continue if July's jobless figures show little employment growth, third quarter GDP expansion looks weak, and home prices continue to drop.

Still, there are a few large companies with high yields that will almost certainly keep dividends as they are. These have ironclad balance sheets and cash flow which is not likely to be undermined badly even if the economy falters.

Here are five dividend stocks with interesting and robust dividend yields against a slowing U.S. economy:

McDonald's (MCD)
Yield: 2.86%

Verizon's (VZ)
Yield: 5.25%

Yield: 3.2%

Exxon Mobil (XOM)
Yield: 3.2%

Intel (INTC)
Yield: 3.1%

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Source: www.dailyfinance.com

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