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34 Dividend Growth Stocks To Consider When Everthing Is Expensive On The Market

With the S&P 500 once again in negative territory for the year, companies of all sizes have seen their share prices decline.

When a stock that pays a strong dividend goes down, it has the happy effect of pushing its dividend yield even higher, which can create a nice buying opportunity for long-term investors who want to add income to their portfolio.

Attached I've compiled a list of great dividend growth stocks that might look attractive despite the market has reached a hot valuation level.

Each of the results have predicted earnings multiples of less than 15 on double-digit earnings growth rates, a debt-to-equity ratio under 1, and a Beta less than the overall market as well.

Exactly 34 companies match my criteria. Attached you can find the full results. The first table shows all Dividend Champs and Contenders. Those stocks have raised dividends over a period of more than 10 consecutive years. 

The second table shows the results from the Dividend Challengers List. Each of the results matched the above mentioned criteria and has grown dividends over 5 to 10 years.

Here are the tables:

14 Dividend Contenders (Click to enlarge)

20 Dividend Challengers (click to enlarge)


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