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5 High Yield Dividend Stocks With High Beta Ratios

While investing in stocks with high dividends may be a good scheme to reinforce your loss-aversion principle, playing the market to dodge volatility requires some extra cautious steps. Beta measures the extent to which a fund’s return may be affected or how much the price fluctuates owing to market conditions.

A high beta shows normally how the performance of a single stock differs from the overall market. The higher the ratio, the bigger the out- or underperformance develops.

It's great if you like to be different, a star or a looser on the market.

Today I like to show you those higher capitalized dividend stocks with beta ratios over 1.5 and dividend yields over 5%. In order to keep the over levered stocks off the list, I only observed stocks with a debt to equity ratio under 1.

14 stocks fulfilled my criteria of which eight have a low forward P/E.

Here are the results...

5 High Yield Dividend Stocks 
With Low Beta Ratios (click to enlarge)

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