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A Compilation Of High-Yield MLP Oil And Gas Pipeline Stocks

Oil & gas pipeline operators transport fuel through pipelines, often over great distances.

Most of these companies are structured as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which helps limit costs by passing tax obligations along to shareholders.

Since MLPs are required to distribute the vast majority of their earnings to shareholders, these stocks usually offer very high dividend yields.

Master Limited Partnerships have the same liquid trading characteristics as common stock, yet they are very different from common stocks. The most obvious difference is that MLP's are 'pass through' investment vehicles--they pass through the income to you the investor. 

The Partnership pays no taxes at the company level--instead passing the income to you (and of course you likely pay taxes on the income). Thus one level of taxation is removed allowing the investor to receive a larger distribution. 

Today I like to show you some of the highest yielding oil and gas pipeline stocks on the market. Pipelines generate stable revenues while having a clear benefit compared to railroad and transportation stocks in terms of CO2 emissions.

Here is a table of 15 high-yield oil and gas pipeline partnerships...

A Compilation Of High-Yield MLP
Oil And Gas Pipeline Stocks
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  1. Anonymous2/19/2016

    I didn't look any farther than NGLS, which has suspended its dividend.


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