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High-Yield MidCaps With Buy Rating - #MPLX #Orange #HSBC #Vodafone #Telefonica

Please find below a selection of High Yield MidCaps Stocks with buy or better rating.

Ticker Company Market Cap P/E P/S P/B Dividend *Donate and get the PDF…
DSL DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund 2.04B 10.9 8.58 0.94 9.00% Security Analysis of DSL
VGR Vector Group Ltd. 2.45B 38.51 1.35 - 8.82% Security Analysis of VGR
SKM SK Telecom Co., Ltd. 17.18B 6.33 1.1 0.86 7.84% Security Analysis of SKM
SHI Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited 7.95B 7.35 0.68 1.6 7.74% Security Analysis of SHI
VOD Vodafone Group Plc 61.69B 12.88 1.14 0.81 7.52% Security Analysis of VOD
MPLX MPLX LP 28.41B 20.4 5.61 3.46 6.90% Security Analysis of MPLX
BGCP BGC Partners, Inc. 3.45B 16.67 1.04 3.77 6.70% Security Analysis of BGCP
EPD Enterprise Products Partners L.P. 64.53B 21.78 2.07 2.8 5.82% Security Analysis of EPD
NGG National Grid plc 36.05B 7.94 1.8 1.49 5.65% Security Analysis of NGG
ORAN Orange S.A. 43.29B 24.94 0.91 1.28 5.57% Security Analysis of ORAN
NVG Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Credit Income Fund 2.97B 15.19 12.5 0.92 5.36% Security Analysis of NVG
TEF Telefonica, S.A. 44.88B 13.61 0.76 3.58 5.35% Security Analysis of TEF
RDS-B Royal Dutch Shell plc 283.30B 22.64 0.88 1.51 5.32% Security Analysis of RDS-B
HSBC HSBC Holdings plc 190.42B 17.96 4.57 1.01 5.29% Security Analysis of HSBC
BTI British American Tobacco p.l.c. 120.17B 3.24 4.52 1.5 5.05% Security Analysis of BTI
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