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10 Dividend Contenders - Part I

Here is a current sheet of stocks that increased their dividends from 10 to 24 consecutive years (U.S. Dividend Contenders). This article will be divided into several parts; more than 114 Dividend Contenders will be presented. The list is sorted alphabetically.

Stocks with a long dividend history and consecutive increasing dividends are excellent candidates for a dividend income investor. Dividends are the main wealth contributor and they deliver nearly one third of the annual return in the long-run.

The average dividend-yield of the Dividend Contenders list amounts to 2.99 percent while the average payout ratio is 0.48. The average P/E ratio is calculated with 19.91, price to sales ratio 2.20 and price to book ratio 2.67. Total debt to assets ratio is 23.42 leads to a return on equity of 14.54 percent. The operating margin amounts to 21.33 percent. Companies are traded at AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ as well as being part of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or Nasdaq Composite.

Here is the table of 10 Dividend Contenders with some fundamentals:
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