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13 Financial Mid- And Large Caps With Highest Return On Equity And Long-Term Growth

Here is a current sheet of 13 financial stocks that are worth more than USD 4 billion and have a five year average return on equity of more than 15 percent. The average sales growth amounts to 7.44 percent over the past decade while the ten year growth of earnings per share is 13.91.

The average dividend-yield amounts to 1.52 percent while the average P/E ratio is 15.75. Price to book ratio is 3.30 and price to sales ratio 3.05. Total debt to equity ratio is 54.45 whence an average five year return on equity of 20.16 percent is realized. Stocks are traded at AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ as well as being part of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or Nasdaq Composite.

Here is the table of 13 Financials with highest 5-year return on equity:

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