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Company Factbook: Coach (COH) - A Luxury Retailer With A 3.94% Dividend Yield

Our current Dividend Idea is the luxury apparel stock Coach (COH). The compay has a really bad sentiment. Operational, same store sales are negative and COH plans to shut down some of it's stores. Competition pressure is rising, especially from Michael Kors and Kate Spate but price ratios of them skyrocked. Coach is one of the cheapest luxury retailer in the market and offers a dividend yield close to the 4 percent.

I've created a small report, based on fundamentals and charts about the company. If you love this work and our investment ideas, you can support us by donating the current Company Factbook. We've published over 2,000 articles for free over the recent years and like to keep them free of charge.

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  1. Its Forward PE = 19. I think this defeats the purpose of its current PE being 10.
    Also its PEG is very high.
    What do you think ?

    Great analysis by you & thank you for sharing it with everyone,

    1. That's true. PEG and Fwd P/E are higher because of the expected earnings decrease. If you believe that the company can get bigger over the next ten years, those ratios should fall to single digit figures.
      I have no idea how the company could go forward but I think Coach has a great brand and should claim a significant part of the luxury market. However, the dividend is great and could be stable if share buybacks go down. We will see how the story goes forward. Best Tom.


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