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17 Best Rated Monthly Dividend Paying Stocks With Big Yields

While most dividend paying stocks that trade on exchanges in the US pay quarterly, there are some stocks that pay their dividends on other schedules. 

A handful pay their dividends semi-annually while there is a larger population of monthly dividend stocks. 

While only one aspect that should be considered in selecting stocks for investment, monthly dividend payments can be advantageous for building wealth over time and to smooth out a dividend retirement income stream.

Attached you will find a compilation of monthly paying stocks that met the following criteria:

- Pay dividends of 6% (plus or minus)
- Are growing those dividends
- Have solid balance sheets

A handful of these businesses even have investment grade credit ratings. The table below provides a list of 17 monthly dividend stocks sorted on dividend yield.

These are the results...

17 Monthly Dividend Stocks (click to enlarge), Source:

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  1. Anonymous5/29/2016

    Woah...look at some of those payout ratios


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