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9 High Yield Diversified REITs

Here is a current sheet of 9 high yield diversified real estate trusts with a market capitalization of more than USD 2 billion. The whole industry contains 31 companies with a total market capitalization of USD 961 billion.

The average dividend yield of the top stocks amounts to 7.67 percent while the average P/E ratio amounts to 140.07. Price to book ratio is 1.86 and price to sales ratio 6.31. The average operating margin amounts 42.84 percent; net profit margin amounts to 35.23 percent. Total debt to equity ratio is 191.07.

Here is the table of high yielding diversified real estate trusts with some fundamentals:
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9 High Yield Diversified REITs (Click to enlarge)
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Chimera Investment (NYSE:CIM), Annaly Capital Management (NYSE:NLY), MFA Financial (NYSE:MFA), Investors Real Estate (NASDAQ:IRETP), National Retail Property (NYSE:NNN), Duke Realty Corporation (NYSE:DRE), Rayonier (NYSE:RYN), Public Storage (NYSE:PSA), Douglas Emmett (NYSE:DEI)

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