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11 Best Yielding Consumer Stocks With A ROI Above 25 Percent

Best Yielding Consumer Goods Stocks With a Return on Investment (ROI) above 25 percent by Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Here is a current sheet of 11 stocks from the consumer goods sector with positive dividend yield (yield above 0 percent). In addition, these stocks have a return on investment of more than 25 percent.

The average price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) amounts to 18.33 while the forward price to earnings ratio is 18.10. The dividend yield has an average value of 1.83 percent. Price to book ratio is 8.45 and price to sales ratio 3.44. The average return on investment amounts to 34.36 percent.

Here is the table of the best yielding consumer stocks with highest ROI and some figures to compare:
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Best yielding consumer stocks with high ROI (Click to enlarge)

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